The 805 Deli at 135 East Carrillo Street closed in January 2018 and posted a sign that said they would reopen February 1st of that year – then never did. Then in June of last year reader Mike noticed a  new sign painted on the 805 deli at Carrillo and Santa Barbara Streets said they would reopen as”The 805 Hazy and Deli.”  Reader Chuck now sent me a report for December 2019 that says there is finally some construction or movement of some kind at the deli. The 805 Deli was known for excellent breakfast burritos and luncheon sandwiches and catered to the nearby office crowd.

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5 Responses to 805 DELI ACTIVITY SPOTTED

  1. connie milano says:

    good luck to them

  2. Sheridan Whiteside says:

    Ok, what is a “hazy”? And for that matter, what is a “luncheon sandwich”?

  3. Chaz says:

    1. Hazy = smoke shop.
    2. Luncheon Sandwich = A sandwich that you consume around your lunch time.