Good Morning! Just noticed a big “For Lease” sign in front of the Fosters Freeze in Carpinteria. Anyone know what’s up? – Elise

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3 Responses to QUESTION OF THE DAY

  1. Gary Lapman says:

    If true, it is a shame. These places are disappearing and a part of our culture goes with them.

  2. The Restaurant Guy says:

    I have not confirmed that this is true. For all I know everything is business as usual.

  3. Brucie says:

    Very sad indeed. I had occasion to eat lunch there recently and unfortunately, it was terrible. The burger was weird and coldish, fries were OK. The whole operation was off. Even the register/POS system seemed homemade. Strange generic ketchup. I had a distinct impression that someone bought this individual franchise, slimed down the menu and cut out all of the extravagances in order to make it work. Unfortunately, I will use this restaurant as an ice cream only Fosters Freeze until it is fixed or closed.