Bluewater Grill across from Stearns Wharf on the Santa Barbara beachfront is kicking-off its 2020 Bluewater Second Tuesday Seafood + Wine Pairings with a January 14, 2020, showdown between Europe’s two famous fish stews paired with hand-selected wines from each country. Following the special events, seafoodies will be able to declare which centuries-old dish is best:  French Bouillabaisse or Italian Cioppino.

The “French Bouillabaisse vs. Italian Cioppino Tasting Event” is part of a month-long competition between the two European fish stews. The $45 tasting event features separate bowls of French Bouillabaisse, made with saffron and garlic, and a tomato based Italian Cioppino, paired with a glass of French Pinot Blanc and an Italian red, respectively.

Santa Barbara and Central Coast seafood fans unable to attend the January 14 celebration can order the same fish stews for the regular menu price throughout January; while the French and Italian wines are included on January 14 only, they can be added for the per-glass price during the remainder of the month. The French Bouillabaisse is also available as a seasonal special through January, and customers can enjoy Bluewater’s San Francisco Cioppino year-round.

Bluewater’s monthly tasting events, hosted every second Tuesday, feature seasonal seafood specialty items paired with hand-selected wines or specialty draught beers. The events include casual commentary and Q&A by the restaurant’s resident chefs, and have become a popular monthly diversion for local seafood aficionados and Bluewater Grill’s large fan base. Due to the popularity of the monthly tasting events, reservations are strongly advised. For menus, locations and operating hours for the ten unique Bluewater restaurants in Southern California and Arizona, go to

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