From November 18th to 24th, chefs and restaurants across Santa Barbara county will take part in Ocean Friendly Restaurants Week, a unique culinary event celebrating restaurants that are committed to reducing plastic pollution while serving outstanding cuisine with local, fresh ingredients.

Each participating Ocean Friendly Restaurant will select a dish from their menu that was created using sustainable ingredients, and a portion of the proceeds from each dish sold will go directly to support ocean conservation projects of the Surfrider Foundation Santa Barbara Chapter, an environmental non-profit focused on coastal protection. Those interested in supporting can simply dine at any of the participating restaurants, ask for the Ocean Friendly Restaurants Week special and enjoy great food while dining for a good cause. Participating restaurants include AH Juice Organics, Brasil Arts Cafe, Oppi’z, Rincon Brewery Carpinteria, Satellite, Bibi Ji, Bossies Kitchen, Bouchon, Cava Restaurant, Embermill, and Mesa Verde.

“Our family loves the ocean and we want to protect her by helping to keep it clean for our future generations. The ocean is our backyard and we are honored to be part of the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program.” said Daniel Yoshimi, the owner of Brasil Arts Cafe, a Platinum member of the program.

The Ocean Friendly Restaurants program is celebrating the conclusion of its first year in Santa Barbara County with 32 restaurants adopting ocean friendly practices like not using plastic bags and following proper recycling techniques. Platinum level Ocean Friendly Restaurants go above and beyond to implement all 11 program criteria, including carrying sustainable seafood and implementing water conservation practices.

“We’re so grateful for this growing community of local restaurants that share Surfrider’s passion for protecting our coasts,” said Morgan Visalli, a marine scientist at UC Santa Barbara who serves on the Executive Committee of the Surfrider Foundation Santa Barbara Chapter. “Plastic pollution is a top threat facing our ocean and we can all do something to address it by supporting our local Ocean Friendly Restaurants.”

The Santa Barbara Ocean Friendly Restaurants program was launched through a partnership between the Surfrider Foundation Santa Barbara Chapter and the Marine Science Institute at UC Santa Barbara, and is generously supported by Eric and Wendy Schmidt, the Zegar Family Foundation, Emmett Foundation, and Cheryl and John Gerngross. For more information and to view a full list of participating restaurants and upcoming events visit: go.surfrider.org/sb-ofr.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Why aren’t any restaurants participating that are actually on the waterfront?

    • Christine_Z28 says:

      “celebrating restaurants that are committed to reducing plastic pollution while serving outstanding cuisine with local, fresh ingredients.”

      I recently had friends from TN visiting for the first time. It was mid-October and spiny lobster season had just started. I looked online at all the waterfront places and didn’t see any specials noted, so I called around. No one was serving it, except (I believe) SB Shellfish Co and it was EXPENSIVE. Places that did serve lobsters were serving Maine lobsters. What the actual f@*k?

      My take-away? All those waterfront places are crap (except SB Shellfish). Owners out of touch. Poop!

      • Gillian says:

        Have you been to Chuck’s on the harbor? They serve lots of local fish and always have a catch of the day special! They were also one of the first to be ocean friendly in Santa Barbara as well 🙂 You should try them out and you are right local lobster is so expensive!

  2. debbie says:

    I didn’t know that AH Juice and Mesa Verde offer any sustainably harvested seafood….

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