Ashley Parker Snider, daughter of the late Fess Parker, has announced that The Bear and Star restaurant, which opened in May 2017 inside Fess Parker Wine Country Inn at 2860 Grand Ave in Los Olivos, will close at the end of the year. The Bear and Star showcases “Refined Ranch Cuisine” inspired by the Santa Ynez Valley and the heritage of the Parker family. The name of the restaurant was derived from the fact that the eatery is in California (the bear) and that Chef John Cox is originally from Texas (the star). The eatery frequently hosted famous guest chefs and The Restaurant Guy was thrilled to be invited to several special events. Cox, who previously worked at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, will head north again to focus on Cultura, his mezcal bar in Carmel, and Cult Taco, an eatery in Monterey. The Parker family is in the process of finding a new tenant. Before The Bear and Star arrived, the space was occupied by Petros, Restaurant Marcella, and Wine Cask.

The Bear and Star restaurant in Los Olivos

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  1. Kim says:

    Locals in the SYV are sure hoping for a comfortable, consistent offering in this spot! For years, since the days of Remington’s, nothing has worked for very long in this location, though Petros did hang in there for years, somehow. Variety in the menu is key, along with great service…and drop the snooty attitudes. Locals will support most anything year-round, if the restaurant is relatable, offers fare for carnivores and vegetarians, and can adapt its concept to the area.

  2. Lauren says:

    I went to The Bear and Star for Thanksgiving last year and had an amazing experience. I was hoping to enjoy it again – what a bummer! Lovely atmosphere and food.

  3. JP says:

    Went there once for breakfast and had the worst service. Ended up walking out before our order was taken after waiting at the table for 20 mins for someone to acknowledge we were there. The hostess chased after us and wanted to know how they could “make it right”. Too late.

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