Here is a message from reader Gillian:

“Hi John, I noticed that construction has stopped at Bristol Farms [that is set to replace Vons in La Cumbre Plaza]. I am in that parking lot on most weekday mornings and I noticed last week (possibly Friday) that the construction company was packing up their staging area over by The Habit.  The fencing is gone where all of their equipment was and the place is boarded up.  Curious to know whats up?”

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  1. lee juskalian says:

    proper foundation permits were not approved for extending footprint, so lucky if jan 2020 re-open

  2. Paul Levine says:

    John, I emailed Bristol Farms and did not get a reason for the halt in construction, but they did say that the new completion date is April 2020. Permit problems? Would be interested if any of your readers has insight into this.

  3. Maddie says:

    @ Paul , that’s literally a year from the original opening date, wow!

    I did see on another local site that an actual, physical problem with the foundation meant they had to resubmit the permit which added several months, but I don’t know how accurate that information is. However, given that it stayed in the state of a foundation and two walls with a partial ceiling for about 8 months this year, makes the most sense.