Reader Annie walked by Vicenta’s in Camino Real Marketplace and noticed that it looks like they’ve shut their doors for the foreseeable future. I contacted a manager from the eatery who confirmed that they are closed permanently. Vicenta’s opened in October 2018.

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29 Responses to VICENTA’S CLOSES

  1. Eric says:

    Interesting, they posted on Facebook yesterday (9/16), but a comment on that post said they were closed too.

    Figured once they went to dinner only, things weren’t going well.

  2. connie milano says:

    another one bites the dust 🙁

  3. AHH says:

    I went once several months ago… had some highs and lows… I think a Eureka! would do really well there.

  4. Fay says:

    They were very inconsistent. I did like the corn on the cob.

  5. euvnairb says:

    Hmm I went there a couple times and I left satisfied. That location is cursed!

    • The Restaurant Guy says:

      It has been a turnstile for sure. I think you need to survive without tourists, without students, and without SB prices.

      • Josh says:

        what is the rent like compared to some of the other locations around? Im not trying to compare it to places like kyles, but if the rent for that location is significantly higher than it is for where kyles is at, you have to have something that will make money despite the high rent, which to me says “fine dining” but it seems that Jane has that pretty well locked down. It would be interesting to compare Ca Dario. They seem to be doing well( in a much less desirable location – in my opinion).

        Another note on that location, the lighting is TERRIBLE. There is ZERO natural light inside that space. It is like night and day compared to Jane. Again, my opinion, but that is really holding that location back, no matter what goes in there.

      • Josh says:

        Hi John, this has spawned a fierce debate between a friend of mine and I about what restaurants have been in that location since its inception. Can you help us with a chronology? I believe it was Chevy’s (whole bldg), Pascucci’s (whole bldg), then it got split with Zaffiro on the left (nearest to Chili’s) and Holdren’s on the right (nearest to McDs). On the left it went to a BBQ place and then to Jane, and on the right I believe it went to Pascucci’s again and then to Vicentas. Do I have it right?

        • Josh says:

          Oops, I left out Pastavino on the left … I can’t remember if that was before or after the BBQ joint.

        • Vic says:

          The BBQ place was called “Smoke ‘n’ Barrel.” Quite possibly the worst dining experience I’ve had in Santa Barbara.

          Like all of us, I’d like to know why that location can’t hold on to a business. It’s eerie.

        • The Restaurant Guy says:

          Here is the chronology:
          1) Chevys Fresh Mex (whole building)
          2) Pascucci 1.0 (whole building)
          3) Zaffiro (whole building)
          4) Holden’s Steaks & Seafood right side, Pastavino left side (shared kitchen, same owner)
          5) Holdren’s Grill right side, Pastavino left side (shared kitchen, same owner)
          6) Holdren’s Grill right side, Smoke N Barrel BBQ Shack left side (shared kitchen, same owner)
          7) Pascucci 2.0 right side, Jane left side (separate kitchens, separate owners)
          8) Vicenta’s right side, Jane left side (separate kitchens, separate owners)

          • Josh says:

            I think i got mixed up between pastavino and zaffiro, they blended together in my brain. Sigh, cost me $50, but at least i know now 🙂 thanks for the info though!

          • Scott says:

            Looks like I owe the Restaurant Guy half of my $50. I had to search through his list of closures to remember Pastavino’s name. I really miss that place actually. Had a great happy hour.

  6. socalcitizen says:

    It started out well. But they were so inconsistent; the quality was on a clear downward spiral. The service was really poor as well.

    Another major issue is they were 200 yards from Los Agaves, yet their menu and flavors were almost identical. If service sucked in the sitdown environment, might as well just go to the counter restaurant.

    Overall just a bizarre business decision to put that where it is and not creative more differentiation from Los Agaves.

  7. tony mastres says:

    Seems strange to close mid month, especially with an insanely busy week coming with UCSB move-in beginning tomorrow?

  8. Eric says:

    According to their Facebook today, they are “temporarily closed to make some improvements & changes inside the restaurant to make your experience better than ever…so stay tuned for updates, we look forward to welcoming you back!”

    It took them forever to build out the space, hope it doesn’t take that long. They’re going to need to more than change the inside.

    They seemed to have gotten really good reviews, but maybe weren’t getting the volume that they see at Los Agaves and Santo Mezcal. Probably weren’t different enough from Los Agaves to command the higher price point from what I saw just by looking at the menu.

  9. Don says:

    My experience was great. But probably right. Not enough volume given Los Agaves in the same center.

  10. gillian says:

    I have been there 4 times. The last 3 were great. Short rib tacos were amazing. No service complaints, but they were not busy. Hope they are able to make it.

  11. Magnolia says:

    When I go to a restaurant I like table service and a bar so I preferred Vicentas over Las Agaves by far. I loved this place from the beginning but I must say that the last several times I’ve noticed they ditched the micro greens and shaved purple radish in the Cochinita Pibil tacos and the Margaritas were not as strong as previously. So when they discontinued lunch service, I had a sinking feeling that one of my favorite restaurants was not doing so well. Service was always really good for me and so was the food and drinks ( it was always happy hour so I just ordered another shot to put in my drink). The only thing I didn’t like were the gigantic photos of beautiful women, I don’t understand the significance of them. It would be strange to have gigantic pictures of gorgeous men too… just sayin… So yes, kinda have to nit pick to find cons. Sorry they had to close 🙁

  12. Brandon from Goleta says:

    There are usually lease agreements that prevent too close of a business model in a given business lot/strip mall/ shopping center. Los Agaves and Vicenta’s surprised me irrespective of table v counter service. Less so than Subway and Sam’s to Go (sure come here and tell me they’re different if you want) that they managed to end up 3 or four doors down just across the street, but still. First lease signer got screwed over there. Higher price point with little to justify it screwed 2nd signer here.

  13. Josh says:

    Went to jane in Goleta for dinner tonight and it looked like Vicentas was back open again. Any info on that?

  14. Eric says:

    Looks like the restaurant lease and business model are for lease online