Reader Steve H. says that a food and alcoholic beverage permit application for Joie Di Vino LLC has appeared at 532 State Street, the former home of Sunny Korean Restaurant, Le Petit Bistrot, Verde, and Zia Cafe. 

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  1. Joseph Danno says:

    I can hardly imagine a worse name for a restaurant on State Street but it sounds like food is going to be incidental to a wine bar. It won’t matter in any case. It’s a bad risk because of the restricted floor space.

  2. Liz says:

    I like the name. It’s French and sounds sophisticated. Can’t wait for this to open! Should be a great new spot!

  3. Joseph Danno says:

    There’s a reason all the other restaurants who thought they’d succeed in that place failed. Regardless, take a walk through El Paseo between the Wine Cask and State Street and you’d think you were in Los Olives for all the wine tasting rooms that have opened there. Luring tourists with winery tasting rooms is overdone and will soon be passé. The sheer number of them including those in the Funk Zone, make them trite and boring. Regardless, the layout at Zia’s – a brave attempt to bring Northern New Mexico cuisine to Santa Barbara – and the subsequent string of failures, did not offer enough first floor space for tables. The second floor’s low ceiling is uninviting. The “joy of wine” is an overdone commercial concept even though it sounds sexy in Italian. I wish them well, I really do…..but

    • Thekidwiththeformula says:

      “Joie” is definitely not Italian. And you sound like a very sad and ordinary person to bring such negativity to a situation which is attempting to bring awesome food and wine to the people of SB. Grow up and go drink some wine rather than spew doubt and hate -loser.

      • Joseph Danno says:

        You must think ‘di vino’ is French too. The newest likely failure at that location thinks it’s clever to come up with a name that combines French and Italian. That’s about as lame as you can get. You’re welcome to express your opinion about the proposed restaurant. It looks like doubt is too complicated a concept for you.

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