Reader Brendan says that dim sum destination Asie Dumpling House has opened at 511 State Street, which until very recently was the home of eatery Lao Ma Tou that apparently has closed. Asie offers dozens of types of handmade dumplings in addition to egg rolls, skewers, wraps, soups, and more, ranging in price from $5-$15.

Photo by reader Brendan

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One Response to DOWNTOWN DIM SUM

  1. Anne says:

    Probably one of the worst Chinese meals I’ve ever had. First they told us there was no tea..then they said they were boiling the water..half way through the meal , the tea arrived. We let the pot sit a few minutes to brew..When we pored it , the “tea” was cold, colorless,scentless ( was supposed to be jasmine) and flavorless. When we opened the pot, it looked like a used teabag. The owner said they used teabags because it was too much work to clean the pots with tea leaves…The rice noodle rolls arrived without any sauce..I had to get up three times before any was brought.The spinach dumpling appeared to be frozen chopped spinach which was squeezed dry with nothing added and put in a half steamed pre made won ton wrapper…go to China Pavillion nearby if you want good dumplings