“Hi, I was wondering if you know what’s going on with Gimeal Cafe [at 5892 Hollister Avenue] in Goleta.  A while back, there was a note on their Yelp listing saying that they were temporarily closed but would re-open at the beginning of August.  The note is now gone, but they’re still not open.  I also remember reading in a news article somewhere that they had applied for a marijuana dispensary license, which I thought was strange.
– N”

Interesting. Restaurant Connection says they are not accepting orders from Gimeal Cafe from 6/15/19 – 8/31/19 so perhaps the reopening date was moved to September? I would think that RC would say Gimeal Cafe was closed permanently if that was the case. But they might indeed return as a cannabis shop since they filed for a license, who knows. Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep an eye on them.

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