Here is an update from High Sierra/Flightline manager Warren Butler:

Hello John,

Hope all is well. Just wanted to give you an update:

Flightline Restaurant & Lounge has secured funding and has a purchase agreement in place with High Sierra Bar & Grill. The SB Airport/City of SB is holding up the approval which is needed to have the lease assigned to Flightline. High Sierra is contemplating closing down because of the 8 month delay and current non-approval. status. So much for The city of SB moving forward with a more business friendly environment! I am committed to keeping the restaurant open and moving forward with the Flightline concept. We are open for business. I will keep you posted!!

Warren Butler

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  1. John says:

    Good luck with the City!

    They are starting to operate like the federal government in that everything business wise moves at the speed of a snail trudging through molassas in a Minnesota winter.

  2. VT says:

    Hang in there Warren. We”ll definitely keep coming in for the Patron Margs and Chile Verde Nachos!

  3. Jan Timbrook says:

    Conflicting information here. Posted on Edhat on Tuesday 5:40 PM:

  4. Josh says:

    Edhat says the city denied the lease transfer so it is closing?

  5. El Guapo says:

    Big shock, the City making life difficult for businesses to operate.

  6. BRS says:

    Interesting article in today’s Noozhawk giving the City’s position: https://www.noozhawk.com/article/story_behind_high_sierra_grill_flightline_santa_barbara_airport_20190820. Frankly when I read what the City is stating it makes sense that Mr. Butler would be a marginally qualified tenant. And I’m confused that the current High Sierra folks are saying they have lost thousands of dollars every month, but Mr. Butler says they made $24k in 2018. More to be revealed.

    • Petey says:

      From the beginning, High Sierra was a joke and an affront to good, solid restaurant owners and patrons. I’m sure Warren has done his best to ‘turn it around’ but the Noozhawk article is a good explanation of the City’s hesitation to assign the lease to him. This property, as a restaurant, is really too big for a community with so many other, much better, choices. My 2nd job as a kid was at Art Snyder’s Flightline so I would love to see something like that again but it won’t happen under this business. Too bad. Sorry to see a spot shut and people out of work but it is a good, solid decision.

  7. Yvonne DeGraw says:

    Helen Larsen posted the following on Nextdoor:

    > Flightline Lease Considerations today at 2 pm SB City Hall and then again today at 6 pm @ the Airport Administration Bldg. @ 601 Firestone Rd. to the right directly behind Warren’s restaurant.

    Here are the groups who hold meetings at Warren’s restaurant:

    Kiwanis Bike Club; Dive Club; Mahjong/Bridge Ladies; church goups; Delco Retirement Group; Serious Aviation, Science and Engineering; SB Republicans; SB Surfriders; Corvette Club; union groups; birthdays; weddings; retirements; UCSB group; athletic teams. Additionally, Warren offers the comedy shows on Saturday night, plus various musical groups, ie., Latin, country western, jazz, etc.

    I personally know of no other business in Santa Barbara with such profound connections and offerings and I do get around!!

    Everyone should be aware of the aviation collection, for example, honoriing our local heroes. Warren has told me various families have brought their very impressive memorabilia for him to display. One of the stories I love the best is when Warren was showing a group the various memorabiia, when they came to the Thunderbirds exhibit. As Warren was explaining what they are all about, one of the guys in the group spoke up, saying he knew all about the Thunderbirds. He said and pointed to the photo, “I am in #1! That is the quality of interest and support from visitors and locals alike!!

    Please come to the meetings today!!
    2 pm, City Hall,
    6 pm Airport Administration Bldg., 601 Firestone Rd.