Strange question…but is there any place in Santa Barbara – San Luis Obispo area that serves a high tea?  – Holbrook

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  1. Emma M says:

    I would guess your best bet would be at one of the fancier hotels…. 4 Seasons, El Encanto, Miramar….

  2. Kim says:

    The Biltmore and The Simpson House B&B both have in the past but I haven’t checked in with them in recent years…good place to start…also, maybe Rosewood Miramar?

  3. Martee' Molnar-Andresen says:

    Anderson’s Bakery downtown

  4. Jan Timbrook says:

    Google “high tea.” Not at all the same thing as afternoon tea, which is actually the fancier meal.

    • LG says:

      Thank you, Jan! If you order “High Tea” in any British establishment, you’ll likely be served sausage rolls or a meat pasty. It’s a supper meal. I have seen families that were confused by the misnomer be sorely disappointed when their meal was served.

  5. Karen says:

    I have researched this extensively…….
    El Encanto ia the only hotel that serves a high tea (afternoon tea) daily (with reservation). It is very lovely and close to a traditional English High Tea experience (service can be spotty).
    The Simpson House also does a lovely high tea but during the week only (Tues-Thurs I believe)
    Anderson’s does but not my cup of tea…….
    That’s it!
    Biltmore use to but no longer (it was very lovely) and none of the new hotels do.
    I don’t know about San Luis Obispo area but if you ever get down south, the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills does a fantastic tea!!

  6. Ted says:

    Anderson’s High Tea is not really in the spirit. They give you a ridiculous amount of food that then gets wasted, giant pastries. Would not recommend.

    Simpson House on Arrellaga (do they still do it? It’s not mentioned on their site last I looked) does a very traditional high tea.

  7. Gary says:

    My wife and I tried El Encanto’s “high tea” (actually, what they really offer is “afternoon tea” — “high tea” is something very different) once when we were in the mood for afternoon tea and were not impressed — weak, lukewarm tea and uninteresting cakes, etc. Our default has been to go to the Biltmore (which used to serve a great afternoon tea), sit in the lounge (near the fireplace, if it’s winter time), order a couple of pots of tea and some of their wonderful pastries/desserts, and pretend we’re having afternoon tea. The setting, service and quality of the food help make up for the fact that it’s not quite the real thing.