Oppi’z Bistro and Natural Pizza has opened at 1026 State Street, the former home of Palazzio.  Oppi’z is a modern, non-conventional healthy food concept rooted in the tradition of the Italian cuisine and the “Slow-food” manifesto. Motivated by his love for simple but genuine and tasty foods that characterize the Italian cuisine, namesake owner Guido Oppizzi has reinterpreted the traditional concept of the pizzeria by designing a unique menu with a variety of gourmet pizzas and a selection of light and healthy dishes.

In the back of the restaurant is a display where you can see their dough naturally raising in the glass cabinet at controlled humidity. You can see both our regular and our charcoal infused dough. “Our gourmet pizzas are prepared with a secret recipe of naturally slow-fermented dough, combining high quality, farm-fresh and local ingredients,” said Oppizzi. “Our signature dishes include rice in a bottle, savory cheesecakes, fresh tartares, and many other healthy vegetarian and gluten conscious options.”

Pizza menu highlights include Oppi’z (mozzarella, stracciatella cheese, cherry tomato confit, marinated anchovies, basil sauce, $18), Black Margherita (homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, stracciatella cheese, fresh basil served on black dough crust, $16), Farmers Market (homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, stracciatella cheese, mixed seasonal vegetables, $18), Pere e Zola (mozzarella, stracciatella cheese, gorgonzola, julienned pears, walnuts, $23), Feta (Mozzarella, stracciatella cheese, feta, cherry tomatoes, roasted almonds, fresh basil, $19),  Cinque Terre (mozzarella, stracciatella cheese, pecorino cheese, Taggiasche olives, pine nuts, Genoa pesto drizzle, $22),  Radicchio (mozzarella, stracciatella cheese, pecorino cheese red radicchio, Amaretti cookie crumbles, honey, $23), and the Mediterraneo (mozzarella, stracciatella cheese, shaved Grana Padano, Taggiasche olives, sun-dried tomatoes, honey, olio al peperoncino, $23).

Oppi’z is open daily 11:30 am – 9:30 pm. Call 770-7390 or visit

OPPI’Z OPENS: Owner Guido Oppizzi and staff at the new Oppi’z Bistro and Natural Pizza on State Street. Courtesy photos.

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  1. Christine says:

    Is it “Oppi’s” or “Oppi’z”?

    Whose home is the homemade sauce made in? Why don’t they make the sauce at the restaurant?

    Sounds delicious!

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