Reader Annie tells me that Fala Bar has opened inside the Santa Barbara Public Market at 38 West Victoria Street. I confidently broke the story on May 9, 2018 with the title “Fala Bar Coming Somewhere.” When I contacted the eatery at the time, which has a location at 7751 1/2 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, I was told plans were to open last Winter.

Here is a description of Fala Bar found on falabar.com:

“Founded in 2014, Fala Bar takes an innovative approach to healthy cuisine, offering inspired, fine-casual vegan food, made fresh daily from organic or local produce. We infuse each bite with pure, wholesome and sustainable ingredients made with love. By working with ingredients we believe in and vendors we trust, we are able to offer our customers food that is in line with our personal values and nutritional standards. At Fala Bar, we are disrupting the stereotypes associated with vegan food by making plant-based food that both vegans and carnivores enjoy. While we the founders of Fala Bar are not vegan, we believe that everyone can benefit from a diet that includes meat-free meals. Our menu features healthy versions of comfort foods that are satisfying, flavorful and creative. We use no artificial flavors, soy or processed ingredients. Delicious tasting food that’s healthy for you and the environment. It’s pretty simple.”

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  1. John says:

    How many businesses, specifically eateries, have come & gone from Santa Barbara Public Market? The few times I’ve gone there for lunch, the crowds were sparse, prices way too high for a “normal” lunch & the look of almost desperation on the faces of the people behind the counters as I walked past checking all.

    • Patti says:

      The Public Market is awesome, a real hot spot for lunch and dinner.

    • Kevin says:

      Hi John! To answer your question specifically. Their are 4 original businesses still operating in the market. Empty Bowl, Enjoy Cupcakes, Roris Ice Cream and Wine + Beer. These 4 have renewed their leases. 11 businesses have come and gone over 5 years. 7 new businesses have started and are still operating. Total of 11 businesses currently operating with 3 spaces currently available for lease.

    • Gary Sudder says:

      We peeked in a few times, and concur John. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of carpet baggers and others who think they “know” what SB is/needs. Their mindsets appear to be on one thing…$. And to say that businesses come and go is a catch-all excuse. Sure, businesses may come and go, however, not at the clip in that “market.”

      • Brandon from Goleta says:

        You’re claiming that out-of-towners come in, invest in their spot, run it for a year and drive out of town with bags of cash in the trunk of their Porsches, laughing as they get on the 101 South?

        Or maybe we define carpet bagger differently. Failed restaurateurs (from in town or , Los Angeles) at the PM aren’t unscrupulous opportunists making a cash grab – they’re failing in perhaps the toughest sector to succeed in.

        • Gary Sudder says:

          Thanks for the input.

          Or perhaps, the venue/outputs are not as optimal/appropriate for SB locals and was created more specifically for out of towners run by an out of towner (carpet bagger/hustler) with price points that belie the percieved “quality.” There has been much turnover in that venue which is far greater than simply trying to succeed, (more likely, survive) in the “toughest sector.”

          • Kevin says:

            Respectfully, lmost all of the businesses in the market are run by locals with families. Price points are pretty much spot on. I would think someone who is local would know that. It’s actually quite busy place the last 2 plus years. I’m curious, what do you think SB needs?

          • Brandon from Goleta says:

            I think your post got cut off. I can’t find the part where you cite statistically significant failure rates of restaurants at the public market vs the rest of downtown SB. I looked, but I couldn’t see any examples of menus specifically created for ‘out of towners’. I’m sure there were financial statements too, of all the ‘carpet baggers’ and ‘hustlers’ who came in and took us yokels for our hard earned dollars, and left (not poorer than they were when they first invested, sometimes struggling to make their last payroll and lease payment in their very expensive spot at the PM, but much richer!) It just all got cut off.

            Please repost your full post so we can be enlightened. Many thanks.

  2. Va says:

    I believe the new Fala Bar address at the Public Market is 38 West Victoria St., not Anapamu. I walk past it frequently, as I live nearby. Thought you’d like to know!

  3. Ana says:

    A few have come and gone but it seems very busy every time I have gone (which is a few times a week) in the past several months. I hope it continues, Empty Bowl and Corazon are our go-to stops for a bite!

  4. Gary says:

    The Public Market is awesome! It’s taken them some time to find the right tenants but the ones they have are great. We go to Corazon, Empty Bowl and Smokehouse all the time. And The Garden is our go-to spot for major sports-watching events. We see crowds there every time we go now.

  5. Christine! says:

    Looking forward to giving the Fala Bar a second chance- we had lunch at the Westfield Mall and ate at Fala- daughters meal was great, a falafel burger and sweet potato fries= best fries ever! I had a falafel balls/hummus/tabouli combo- not so good. Dry balls, rotten wilted salad. I imagine the concept/menu will be the same- look forward to going in with an open mind- I predict if the standards are high, it will be a a hit. I have enjoyed many meals at the PM, and am happy to see it FINALLY hitting its stride

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