50 years ago last June 14th my parents packed up their stuff (and kids) in Palos Verdes, CA, and moved to Santa Barbara. We arrived on the South Coast between an oil spill and a moon landing.

During the last 50 years I have seen just about everything there is to see in Santa Barbara EXCEPT a 4th of July celebration. My parents have a tradition, that predates my existence, of spending 4th of July with friends who live in a spectacular bay-front home on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, and I have joined them each year, without fail, since I left the crib.

It looks like that tradition may have ended so I am about to experience a South Coast Independence Day for the first time. Where is the best place to watch the Santa Barbara fireworks show? What else do you do in town? Any tips you can provide would be appreciated.

The Boat Parade and Fun Zone in Balboa, CA

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  1. connie milano says:

    on the Celebration….or the Lil’ Toot…..and I need a pic of that cute boy :). Ciao from Villa Isabella Pergusa Sicily 🙂

  2. steve engles says:

    If you like the HUGE crowds, go down to the water front or the Yacht Club and watch. OR—find a friend who has a home that over looks the harbor from one of the many hills surrounding SB and get invited to watch. OR—drive into the hills and find a secluded street, stretch out and enjoy the view!
    The water front will cost you an easy two hours of traffic jams and problematic parking………..NOT worth it!!

  3. Vickie Harvey says:

    I came here 50 years ago this year also. You are younger than me, since I came to go to UCSB. But I was kind of taken aback when I realized I was marking 50 years in Santa Barbara!

  4. Emily Kaufmann says:

    Hi John,

    I am trying to get in touch with you regarding being at judge at our CA Brew & BBQ festival on September 28. Can you please email me?


  5. Mike Gartzke says:

    Watch the fireworks in Goleta. You can walk to Girsh Park from your house and not fight the crowds in B!

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