Readers David D., Stephine, and Bernard tell me that Smithy restaurant at 7 East Anapamu Street is permanently closed. Apparently the windows are papered over and there is a note on the wall outside the restaurant that indicates they are closed, and that a new concept is slated to open in June. I tried calling Smithy and the phone number disconnected. Reader Byard says they ate at Smithy on the eatery’s final night, May 5th, and was told it will re-open as a Mexican and Spanish tapas-style restaurant from the same owner with a different chef. Smithy opened in December 2017, replacing Somerset, an earlier concept from the same ownership that occupied the space for 10 months.

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7 Responses to SMITHY CLOSES

  1. Anna says:

    Nooooooo! I loved that place 🙁

  2. Byard says:

    We ate there on their last night (May 5). Apparently they are going to re-open as a Mexican and Spanish tapas style restaurant. Same owner, different chef.

  3. Peter says:

    3rd times a charm?

  4. Gary Yencich says:

    I loved Arts & Letters Cafe, then Somerset.The bar at Somerset was next level. It seemed a shame to rip it all out to downgrade the architecture. Smithy? Smithy was okay but didn’t grab me quite as much. In that area for my money; The Little Door, 2 blocks E on Anapamu, is good and is trending upward.

  5. Ted says:

    If they dampen the LOUD acoustics they’ll have better luck

  6. Richard Heilman says:

    Another million-dollar investment that had no chance of succeeding. Went to Somerset once and ordered the quail dish, one of which came rotten. My wife ordered the Bagna Cauda which came without a dipping sauce! And to top it off, I was charged a $80 corkage fee. Goes without saying we never went back. Did try Smithy and it was so mediocre we never went back there, either. Perhaps with any luck the new concept will work. We certainly don’t need another Mexican restaurant but a decent, authentic, and reasonably priced Spanish tapas bar would be most welcome as Loquita is decent but terribly overpriced.

  7. Hefe says:

    A hidden spot like that needs a draw like an over the top happy hour.

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