Reader Cris let me know that Chinese restaurant and Goleta dining institution Red Pepper at 282 Orange Avenue, that started serving customers long before I this column was born, has officially closed. Last November I wrote that their voicemail announced a temporary closure and that they hoped to reopen soon. They have now posted this message to for you: “Dear Customers,
After 17 years we are regrettably to inform you that Red Pepper is closed indefinitely due to family health issue. Both Sue and David of Red Pepper wants to thank you for your patronage year after year. Red Pepper maybe gone but the food and the love will live on forever. – Daughters of Red Pepper”

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2 Responses to RED PEPPER CLOSES

  1. Jennie says:

    I’m so sad. Always great food and always a hug from Sue. I will
    miss this place a lot! I hope the health issues can heal and am sending
    well wishes.

  2. Spencer says:

    This wasn’t just a Chinese restaurant, this was MY chinese restaurant, for as long as I can think of. They would remember my name and favorite items after months of not coming by and I would even get hugs. They had a great restaurant but are even greater people. A serious loss for Goleta and Santa Barbara.

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