Reader Cris saw a posted on the Instagram page of Mesa Burger, 315 Meigs Road, that reads: “Mesa Burger in Santa Barbara will be closed until further notice. We suffered a small electrical fire, and want to thank our friends at the Santa Barbara Fire Department for being here for us! Thank you for your understanding.”

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8 Responses to FIRE AT MESA BURGER

  1. Chuck Kaise says:

    This is a terrible short term blow to our community.MB serves a diverse group from we neighborsvto law enforcement and firefighters. We can’t wait for the reopening

  2. El Guapo says:

    Open as of yesterday’s Instagram post.

  3. Josh says:

    Any word on the Camino Real Marketplace opening date yet?

  4. Tony M says:

    Walked by yesterday and saw people outside eating burgers and the doors open 🙂

  5. Mickey says:

    Ate at the Goleta location today. The owner said they opened about 7 days ago. I hadn’t ever eaten at the mesa Mesa Burger so this was truly a brand new experience for me.

    It was pretty good. Definitely better than Kahuna (not early Kahuna, but better than the past few years Kahuna.) I got a basic burger and the fries were pretty good. There was a bit of confusion ordering, I actually ordered onion rings but they put grilled onions on my burger instead. That ended up okay, even though it was a mistake…it was a delicious mistake!!

    I was surprised there wasn’t a post here about them opening but like I said, the owner said they had a soft opening to try and work any kinks out.

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