This Wednesday May 8th Ike’ Love, also known as Ike’s Place and Ike’s Love and Sandwiches, completes a move from Isla Vista to 1936 State Street, the former home of Subway. There are over 50 Ike’s locations across California with a few more in Arizona and Nevada. “Ike’s is the kind of place where if you’re vegan, or your significant other eats meat, or they’re gluten free, everybody can go to the same spot together and not feel like they’ve compromised,” said owner Ike Shehadeh. He tells me that historically the Ménage à trois and Matt Cain sandwiches are really big sellers. Ike wasn’t kidding. I tried the Ménage à trois sandwich, which was invented by staff members, and it is now officially on my top-ten list of favorite sandwiches across the South Coast. It gets its name because this chicken sandwich has three sauces (honey, honey mustard, and BBQ) and three cheeses.

“Our motto is ‘not you mamma’s sandwich shop’ so we are coming in here with some crazy creations,” say General Manager Tylar Lecount. “There’s over 600 sandwiches and we can do all of those here. There’s something for everyone or you can make up your own thing. We do mozzarella sticks and all those crazy sandwiches. We do Challenge sandwiches which are three-footers. Every location has exclusive sandwiches that are sold at just that location.” The extensive menu, which includes meat and vegetarian options, shows that the “Romeo’s Juliet” sandwich is sold exclusively on State Street. Prices generally range from $8-$12.

Ike’s also offers catering including the Small Tray (10 sandwiches divided into 20 bites), Medium Tray (20 sandwiches divided into 40 bites for $169), and Large Tray (30 sandwiches divided into 60 bites for $254). Chips and drinks can be added to the trays for an extra $15, $30, and $45 respectively. Visit loveandsandwiches.com.

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