Lats June reader Peter told us that Caffe Luxxe will be coming to the space near Vons at 1028 Coast Village Road in Montecito where Xanadu French Bakery used to be. Reader Annie now says Caffe Luxxe might open May 1st.

Caffe Luxxe was established to bring a unique luxury to coffee and a culinary experience, championing a move towards hand crafted artisanal espresso and brewed coffee. “Our commitment to serving great coffee begins thousands of miles away at the farms where the beans are grown, where we strive for full transparency of sustainable practices,” says co-owner Mark Wain. ‘Our philosophy on roasting guides our hands, as we roast coffee to focus on the classic characteristic flavors unique to each country to bring out the depth and complexity they have to offer.” Visit

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  1. Chaz says:

    Bring back Fred C. Dobbs!

  2. Hal Lelujah says:

    Why aren’t they offering a wine bar as well? Gourmet wine and aged coffee or something like that. And what could be nicer than sitting at a table with a sterling view of Vons shoppers and grocery carts rumbling by. I can’t wait.

  3. Sara says:

    Bring back a Cafe del Sol !!! God Bless Jack and Emelie!

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