Islands Restaurants, which opened in La Cumbre Plaza last year,launched its take on the plant-based Impossible Burger. The burger is topped with avocado, white cheddar, lettuce, tomato and roasted garlic aioli and is available through June 16 at all Islands locations. Impossible Burger 2.0 — the next-generation version of the plant-based Impossible Burger  — contains no gluten, animal hormones or antibiotics and is kosher- and halal-certified.

In January, Impossible Foods launched its upgrade at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where Impossible Burger 2.0 took home the show’s highest honors, including “Best of the Best,” “Most Impactful Product,” and “Most Unexpected Product.” Impossible Burger’s first product upgrade since its 2016 public debut was also hailed as the tech show’s “Best Product Launch” and a “Triumph of Food Engineering.”

“We’re excited to be able to add another meatless burger option to our menu,” said Islands’ President Michael Smith. “We’re always searching for ways to add plant-based options for our guests who would like to incorporate plant-based items into their diet and the Impossible Burger 2.0 fits perfectly into our menu. We prioritize flavor first, and the Impossible Burger 2.0 delivers.”

I had read about the Impossible Burger when it first debuted so The Restaurant Guy and Gal decided to stop by and give it a try. It definitely looks like and has many qualities of beef. When you first start eating it is hard to tell the difference. Then you notice a distinct and unusual aftertaste that is hard to describe. The aftertaste is a little alarming because everything else about the burger suggests to your senses that you are eating real beef. We will not order the Impossible Burger again because of the aftertaste.

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  1. Christine says:

    Aftertaste? Interesting, I’ll have to try it. Last year I had an Impossible Burger at the new Finney’s on lower State and thought it was delicious and very similar to a ground beef patty. There was a *tiny* taste difference but it was just so delicious it was negligible. I can only guess I had 1.0, not the new 2.0.

    And since this is about Islands, “The burger is topped with avocado, white cheddar, lettuce, tomato and roasted garlic aioli” AND A CRAP TON OF MUSTARD. Am I right? I’ve only eaten there twice and each time the amount of mustard was astounding. I had to try to remove as much as possible to make the sandwich edible.

  2. Bob says:

    Probably better than their beef burger which I found very mediocre

  3. Brandon from Goleta says:

    I’m a carnivore. Though I’ve been intrigued by the Impossible Burger I’ve still yet to try one either in a restaurant or the patties from the grocery store. Price point irks me – sure 85/15 ground beef is cheap, supply chain, volume bla bla bla bla, but the ingredients of a plant based patty are pretty damned cheap. Vegetarians are probably happy with the alternative and will pay a premium for something that comes close to the real deal, but as for a meat eater like me (who doesn’t necessarily eat a ton of burgers or red meat in general), the fact that it costs more generally is a turn off. If Islands or anyone else charges the same I’ll give it a whirl but I’ll stick to a beef patty for my infrequent burger in the meantime.

    Or give me a sample. Or put it on special. The way bigger market includes people like me – never planning to be a vegetarian but would be open to throwing it in the rotation.

    • Joshua says:

      Finney’s has impossible sliders so you could share with a couple people for a small outlay. I think they’re like $10 for 3, so a couple bucks to try one (and they were quite good when i tried them).

      As for the grocery store, you can’t get impossible burgers there (Yet).

  4. Jacky winter says:

    Ca’Dario pasta veloce in the public market has impossible burgers j

  5. Clay says:

    Three Pickles downtown has the Impossible burger on Fridays and the Pickle Room has them every night for $10.

  6. El Guapo says:

    Went this weekend for the Impossible burger as my Mrs. is a vegan, and she was excited about this. The results were very blah, she wasn’t a fan. The staff was fantastic though, excellent customer service, they took the charge off our total bill and apologized, despite our protest that they didn’t have to do that. We’ve tried a lot of various vegan meats, the Beyond Meat & Hungry Planet ones are our favorites, as John pointed out, the Impossible burger just left a weird taste. Morningstar Farms & Gardein meats are also staples in our house.

    Can’t say enough about the quality of service though from Islands, and everyone else’s food was very good.

  7. ace says:

    I just had one and thought it was delicious. Mine didn’t have any “aftertaste,” not sure what you’re talking about there.

  8. rick hamilton says:

    Dave’s Dogs on Turnpike,(across from San Marcos High),has Impossible Burgers ($6.95) plus numerous sides and a dozen or more varieties of hot dogs,( though not any veggie dogs, which is too bad for me). I’ll keep going back for the I.B. though because it is the best tasting veggie burger I’ve had and I’ve never tasted any odd aftertaste at all. For a vegetarian it may be disconcerting because it does taste so much like a meat burger.Do check out their menu.

  9. Tom Ward says:

    In my experience with Impossible Burger, some people seem to get the terrible aftertaste and some don’t. If you don’t get it, then its pretty good. If you are someone who does, then no matter how good the burger tastes when you eat it, the aftertaste is so off-putting you wouldn’t want to eat one again.

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