Reader Primetime says that Sprouts market may be coming to 29 South Milpas Street, the former home of Trader Joe’s which moved to a bigger location up the street. I was at Sprouts on Fairview Avenue and asked the grocery clerk about the rumor and he said that the market is focusing on the launch of a new location in San Luis Obispo that opens April 3rd. I was told that after the launch, the focus will be on Santa Barbara where they hope to open a new location by early next year. He didn’t confirm the address but reader Primetime’s perfect track record leaves little doubt.

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  1. Peter says:

    Fantastic news; no more shopping at Vons in Montecito!!!
    Sprouts in Goleta is a wonderful shopping experience, with a great selection and reasonable prices. Best of all, the staff at Sprouts (at least at Goleta) are heads and tails above the local chain stores (not a hard bar to pass).

  2. Signe Mitchell says:

    I had heard that rather than the TJ’s old location on Milpas, Sprouts would move into the the pet food store that was in the same Milpas location as the old TJ’s. More square feet?

    • Eric says:

      They would likely take both the Petco and TJ’s spots. Both spaces are about 10k square feet each for a total of 20k. Their preferred size is 30k square feet.

  3. Maisie says:

    This is great news! I am in Carp and I am really happy to hear there will be another store to choose from that is a little close to my side of town.

    Peter is right, the staff is really helpful and exceptionally friendly (much like TJ’s in that respect.)

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