As you might have noticed, the Restaurant Guy blog updates have been sparse. All the local food news still makes it to you but it has been arriving in bursts. Sometimes two weeks go by without a word from me then – boom – a pack of stories gets posted. It’s because I have been busy working on a complete overhaul of SantaBarbara.com, and trying to get it done in time for its 25th anniversary this summer. And when I say “overhaul” I mean the whole current site is being scrapped, except for this blog which will remain similar. To say it is long overdue is an understatement.

In the summer of 1994 the first content for this site went online at http://west.net~santabarbara. It was scattered info about businesses and tourists spots around town with a few photos. The photos were scanned from negatives until 1995 when I bought a Kodak DC-40 digital camera for $700 that could hold a then-whopping 30 pictures. In the days before Google not a whole lot of people were able to find my site so that year I also bought SantaBarbara.com to try to boost traffic, and it more than solved the problem.

Here are the very first two photos I took for SantaBarbara.com, which happened to be restaurants: Moby Dick and SB Shellfish Co. Unfortunately they burned down 4 years later but were rebuilt.

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  1. Cris says:

    Exciting changes! Looking forward to it and congrats on 25 years.

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