Reader DeeDee let me know that Santa Barbara is listed as the #3 destination in the world in the New York Times list of “52 Places to Go in 2019.” The write-up about the South Coast primarily discusses the restaurant scene:

“Long known for drawing movie stars and millionaires to its resorts, Santa Barbara has now become a foodie magnet. The acclaimed Melbourne and Manhattan chef Jesse Singh oversees Bibi Ji, an edgy Indian restaurant — try the uni biryani — with a wine list curated by the noted sommelier Rajat Parr. The “Top Chef” alum Phillip Frankland Lee presides over The Monarch, a posh Californian restaurant, and Chaplin’s Martini Bar, and will open Silver Bough, a 10-seat, tasting-menu venue in January. The Santa Barbara Inn’s Convivo offers upmarket Italian fare and ocean views; nearby, at Tyger Tyger, Daniel Palaima, a veteran of the kitchens of the Chicago-based chef Grant Achatz, serves Southeast Asian fare beneath rose-colored lanterns. (To finish off the night, try the Szechuan pepper soft serve ice-cream at Monkeyshine.) The city offers more than 30 wine tasting rooms that look nothing like their more staid cousins up north. Frequency and Melville feature modern furnishings and party-ready playlists; vinyl rules at Sanguis, a winery run by drummers. -Sheila Marikar”

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3 Responses to SB IS #3 IN NEW YORK TIMES

  1. dmo says:

    Wow – NONE of those restaurants are on my top 10…
    I love both of Al Rojas’ spots – Milk & Honey and Alcazar. And my brand new favorite is The Little Door on Anapamu = delicious! Olio and Limon, Roy, Finch and Fork…these are tried and true, always solid, not the newest hot chef blowing into town…
    Dig deeper NYT!!

    • Laurie says:

      Agreed! Not places most SB residents patronize, nor are any of them long standing local businesses. Glad to hear you say you love The Little Door -we are going tonight for the first time. Will post a review, as there are none so far here.

  2. EW says:

    I’m surprised Youchi’s continuely flys under the radar with the foodies. The food and service is excellent, the atmosphere is intimate yet not dark or stuffy and it is the only dedicated Kaiseki between LA and Northern California.
    I think people have become overly dependent on the hype of social media and lost the ability to explore past the algorithms of likes and #s

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