“Hi John,

Do any restaurants in the Santa Barbara area have a no-corkage policy for people who bring their own bottle?


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  1. steve says:

    Many restaurants have a corkage price if you bring your own bottle because they feel the glasses/service are worth the price—$10-$35. If you find one who has a NO corkage policy, let us know!

  2. VT says:

    State n Fig do not charge corkage

  3. John Padfield says:

    We normally always take our own wine when we dine out due to a far lower price in the end even with paying the corkage fee which is usually between $10 $15.

    If you choose wine carefully either by detailed research, having “wine snob” friends or using an awesome app like Vivino & then buy the wine at Costco or BevMo! when on sale, you can drink well at even the most spendy restaurants. We have found over the years the places with the highest corkage fees are almost always the ones with the highest price wine list; you know, the one where you say, Wow! We saw this bottle for only (blank) at (blank)!

  4. Styggiti says:

    Black Sheep has no corkage on Wednesday.

  5. CG says:

    I am pretty sure that Little Door has a no corkage policy on Sundays

  6. Art says:

    The fair formula used the be that the fee was based on whatever the profit was on the restaurant’s cheapest bottle of wine.,which seems very fair

  7. Hefe says:

    Usually it has to be wine the restaurant does not have on their list.

  8. Richard says:

    Some restaurants charge a ridiculous price for corkage, some are fair. I am providing this list complied by a friend who is a wonderful connoisseur and human being and did a fantastic job assembling this information. I am giving out this information before asking his permission, so I apologize to him and hope he forgives me if necessary.

    WHATEVER you do, please don’t bring in some plonk or dreck, or a common, well distributed wine, whether local, domestic, or imported. We frequently dine out and usually bring special and fine bottles of well-aged wine from our cellar, almost are almost always European that we know the restaurant doesn’t carry. Just respect the restaurant and try to match the wine to their cuisine. Many of the restaurants listed below have their wine lists posted on their websites, so do some research before going to any restaurant to make sure you are not duplicating something they already carry, or close to it.

    Some of these restaurants are favorites of ours. If you go somewhere else, please respond by letting us know what the corkage policy is so we can add it our list.

    Angel Oak [Bacara]- free on Wed/ $35 per bottle for up to 2 bottles

    Bar 29 – $18

    Barbareno – $25 first 2 bottles $35 for extra bottles after 2

    Bibiji- $20

    Blackbird – Hotel California $30

    Bella Vista [Four Seasons] – $30 for any restaurant

    Black Sheep- free on Wed. w/2 btl limit, $12 per 750 thereafter

    Bouchon – $25. per 750 ml (weeknights) with max of 1 per 2 people/ $35. (Fri., Sat. & Holidays), max 1 per 2 people

    Ca Dario- $20

    Chuck`s Steak House- $10

    El Encanto- $35

    Giannfrancos Trattoria [Carp]- $20

    Holdren`s- $25

    Jane State Street/ Market Place- $20

    Lark- $25

    Les Marchands – $25

    Loquita- $25

    Paradise Cafe- $10

    Olio e Limone- $20

    Olio Pizzeria- $20

    Oliver`s- $25

    Opal- $20 for 750ml and $35 for magnum [1500ml]

    Pane y Vino- $20

    Petit Valentien- $15

    Smithy- $25

    Stella Mare`s- $19

    Stonehouse/ Plow & Angel- $50 per 750 with max of 2/ $100 for magnum with 1 btl max

    Toma- $25

    The Harbor- $10

    Tre Luna- $20

    Via Vai- $20

    Wine Cask- $25. per 750 ml (weeknights) with max of 1 per 2 people/ $35. (Fri., Sat. & Holidays), max 1 per 2 people

    • G n K says:

      Great list–you know your food and wine in Santa Barbara! We would add Lure, which is $10 and supposedly no charge for local wines. They are nice glasses and well worth the nominal corkage. We tend to drink Paso wines.

  9. Frequent Diner says:

    Not sure I quite understand the expectation to be served your own wine free of charge. A restaurant is a business. You expect them to provide glasswear, a table, a server, a busser and a dishwasher, etc., without charge? Seriously? Don’t want to pay corkage? Go on a picnic or stay home.

  10. Hefe says:

    Couldnt agree more with Frequent diner.

  11. Dalos says:

    Whole foods Free. Must buy the wine and beer there. They will pour your wine into the glass and keep it cool for you, and pour more when you are ready. In the bee hive.

  12. bill tabler says:

    Some restaurants waive corkage fees to increase business on slow nights. Some wine country restaurants waive the fee for local wines. It’s just good business sense.

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