Readers Jonathan and Scott let me know that Wildwood Kitchen, which opened in December 2015 at 410 East Haley Street, has closed. Here is a message to you from management that is posted on the window:

“Hello BBQ Enthusiasts: Thank you for coming down. Unfortunately, despite our efforts we have not been making (Burnt) Ends Meat (Ha!) and we need to close our doors and focus on the Catering Events that we have booked through December 31, 2018. We will also be hosting a few pop-ups between now and the end of the year. If you want to keep in touch with those happenings give us a follow @wildwoodkitchensb on Instagram or join our mailing list via our website wildwoodkitchensb.com. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

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  1. SB87 says:

    Oh no! We loved Wildwood! Will they still honor their gift cards? I just got one…

  2. CW says:

    I liked the food at Julienne’s so much better!

  3. Liz says:

    That really sucks. They had excellent food and service.

  4. Kk says:

    I still have a Julienne gift card I never got to redeem… Sad to see this one go too.

  5. LoFiGirl says:

    This town is rough on small businesses. The rents are massive and people don’t go out. It’s so sad.

  6. E says:

    This was the first decent BBQ I’ve had in SB, but this is a tough market for that sort of thing. It also seems like they got to the neighborhood (East Haley) a little early. Having more tasting rooms around might have made them more successful (similar to Shalhoob patio).

  7. Tony Wall says:

    We really miss Julienne – this place not so much (which may be why it closed?). This town needs more Julienne’s – or at least one!

  8. CT says:

    Sad to see it go. Justin West is a rock star (as is Jason Carter), so I’m looking forward to their popup events.

  9. BF says:

    23$ for HALF a rack of ribs. Can’t say I am surprised.

  10. Jennifer Duclett says:

    My family really liked this place. I loved the homemade biscuit and butter. It was so good that I complimented the baker on it. It’s too bad they had to close.

  11. stephanie says:

    We also loved Wildwood Kitchen for the great food and service. The desserts were also great….I was hoping they were still at the Museum but was there last week and found they were no longer there either….what a loss…..

  12. Stephen James Rogers says:

    I did love the brunch…I didnt love how they said easter brunch would be the same as normal when I made the reservation…food was the same, but price was double…no wonder no one else was in there.