Grubhub acquired SBMenus operations on Oct. 30. This was part of a larger announcement made in September that Grubhub would acquire certain assets of 11 franchisee-owned OrderUp food delivery markets that included SBMenus.

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  1. Chaz says:

    Wish I could make sense out of “Who’s on first…”

    What is the difference amongst these various delivery services? Maybe John could post a matrix describing each and their fees.

    So, we now have GrubHub, RC, DoorDash, DeliverySB… any others?

  2. Whirl says:

    Also Restaurant Connections, Beyond Menus and Post Mates.

    We use some of these. After one try, I would say Grub Hub is a big improvement over SBMenus.
    The locations are no longer limited to your immediate area, and it was much faster.

    DoorDash is also an excellent service.

    We had a terrible experience with UberEats, it could have been because it was 4/20?

    Restaurant Connection is the most expensive, but also offers higher end restaurants.
    It’s still an excellent way to go on say Valentine’s Day or New Years, when you want a nice dinner, but don’t want to deal with holiday crowds or pricing.

    I’ve never tried RC or Delivery SB, I think the latter adds large fees right at the end.

    Just checking out their sites will give you pricing and options.

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