Pizza Mizza restaurant in La Cumbre Plaza closed permanently today. The web site and phone now forwards to a new, similar business name Mizza Pizza (order reversed) that offers delivery-only. Call 805-564-3900 or visit

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  1. Jose M says:

    Website shows a name change to Mizza Pizza and only has the La Arcada location as delivery or pickup.

  2. Rex Of SB says:

    I just called the number listed and was told that while the actual La Cumbre Plaza restaurant is closed, the exact same Pizza Mizza menu items are available for delivery. Which is a tremendous relief, since Mizza Pizza (née Pizza Mizza) has the best pizza in town.

  3. ....+ says:

    downtown mizza is like cardboard with little toppings. rent must be really high. in my opinion

  4. Rex Of SB says:

    Tonight I called Mizza Pizza for delivery of the Carnivore Combo, and am happy to report that it tasted the same as the one I used to buy all the time at Pizza Mizza in La Cumbre Plaza. Yay!

  5. Christine says:

    Noozhawk has more info:

    “Longtime local favorite Pizza Mizza closed its doors last month inside La Cumbre Plaza and has become delivery-only. The owners have decided to focus on their restaurants, Mizza Artisan Pizza and Italian Cuisine and Viva Modern Mexican Food in La Arcada.

    The Pizza Mizza menu is still available, and is cooked out of the Viva kitchen. Pizza Mizza itself has been renamed “DeliverySB,” if you call the number.

    “It’s the same food as Pizza Mizza,” said manager Martin Julio.”

  6. Rex Of SB says:

    I guess I should have known that whenever there’s a major change in restaurant ownership/management, something bad will probably happen. I was right.

    I’ve been on Pizza Mizza’s email list for years. As usual, I just got a special birthday offer—a free specialty or three-item individual pizza for delivery. Huzzah!

    When I called to redeem this offer, I was told the pizza was free, alright—but there was a $15 delivery charge! In other words, to get this free pizza I also had to order a much more expensive larger one as well. No thanks. Nowhere in the email did it say that. And you apparently can’t just go and pick up a pizza there any more.

    Buh bye, Mizza Pizza or whatever you’re calling yourselves this week. You were great while you lasted. I guess I’m off to get reacquainted with Rusty’s. I’m also retracting my positive review earlier in this thread.

    • Spank says:

      Rex, even by your standards this is a pretty irrational take. That $15 covers the labor to make your food and deliver it, yet you feel entitled to your free pizza. This is why you don’t understand the economics behind affordable BBQ and lament the roaring 20’s!

      • Rex Of SB says:

        Spank, when someone offers a free pizza without any mention of a $15 delivery fee, that is a form of bait and switch. I also found it strange that the email addresses I was given to report the problem to the manager were incorrect. I ALSO don’t understand why you seem so obsessed with my interest n BBQ, which, as usual, has absolutely nothing to do with the question at hand.

    • E says:

      If the blandness of Rusty’s pizza bothers you, I’ve found Pizza Guru to be a good alternative near Pizza Mizza’s former location. Make sure to try the Euphoria.

  7. Brian says:

    awful pizza, awful service. no love in that kitchen..

  8. Issac says:

    You misunderstood. There is a $15 minimum for delivery. You do get the free pizza but you need to order more to meet the minimum. It’s a great deal. You expect them to give you a free pizza and deliver it too?

    • Rex Of SB says:

      Yes, I understand about how I worded that there is a delivery fee. My mistake. Indeed, you must buy $15 worth of food to get delivery, which is either free or only a couple of bucks. My argument is that in the e-mail I got, there is no mention of any additional $15 order to qualify for the free small pizza. And since Mizza Pizza is now a “delivery only” place, yes, I DO expect to pay a NOMINAL delivery fee—but certainly not when it involves a previously unmentioned $15 food order.