From reader Annie:

Maybe you covered this and I missed it, but I notice there is a something going on at Mundos on [901 N.] Milpas– windows papered over, official notice of — well, too small for me to read from the car. Any info on what might be taking shape?

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  1. Erica S. says:

    I walked in before a Bowl concert on the evening of August 11 planning to get dinner, and while the door was open, tables were upside down and the establishment was not conducting business. A man sitting inside (proprietor?) told me they would be moving to another location in town.

  2. Connie says:

    I think they sold the location

  3. Christina Olufson says:

    Yes, Mundos sold their business to chefs Lauren Herman and Christina Olufson–we’ve been the new tenants as of 10/1 and are excited to be opening our first restaurant as chef-owners!!

    Our neighborhood concept will be seasonal and farmer’s market driven, with counter service and a casual, fun, Santa Barbara atmosphere. We will be open Tuesday-Sunday beginning with dinner service, and look forward to serving lunch and Sunday brunch a couple weeks following.

    The menu will include some of our favorite dishes such as: garlic-herb roasted chicken, grilled pork belly sandwich, and korean fried chicken. In addition to the regular menu, we will have daily specials including a Sunday night pot roast dinner, or Wednesday’s chicken pot pie. Desserts will range from cookies to layer cakes, brioche donuts and churros. Our beer and wine list will offer local favorites, and happy hour Tuesday-Friday.

    We hope to see you in a few weeks!

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