Some of you may have noticed I had disappeared for awhile, more than once in the recent past. That is most certainly true. Part of my absence was spent backpacking far off-trail in the wilderness. Part was spent celebrating my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary (I’ll be 109 years old at my 60th wedding anniversary party). And part was spent celebrating my son’s 4th birthday (congratulations buddy!)

A big chunk of my time has also been spent preparing to launch a mysterious new company that I have been working on for nearly three years. I created the corporate LLC. I got the business license. I got the phone number. I got the insurance policy. I setup the bank accounts. I met with attorneys. I had the legal contracts drafted. I traveled to Los Angeles and San Francisco for meetings. I setup the P.O. box.  I created the logo. I built the web site. I setup the office. I designed the brochures. I created the business cards. I bought the stationary. I gathered the binders. I filled the filing cabinet. I mounted the labor law poster. I got the plaque for the door. I placed an advertisement. And, lately, I have been conducting interviews.

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8 Responses to BACK TO THE BLOG

  1. Laura says:

    AND when shall you launch this new venture, Sir John? Eager to learn more . . .

  2. Connie says:

    Congrats. You were missed

  3. christine! says:

    Next time you need some time off- may I suggest a back up posting person- there is a lot going on and we need our news! I am glad you are enjoying Fatherhood, still hiking with friends and can’t wait to hear what your much prepared for new business is!

  4. BRS says:

    Hi John, yes you were absolutely missed and in my other role as an old Jewish mother I even worried about you. Glad you were having fun, congrats to your folks and Buddy. Now I will have to drink extra whiskey every night because otherwise the suspense of waiting to hear what your new business is will give me sleepless nights.

  5. spank13 says:

    Hey John, I think you may have a few people here in town that would live to help you with the information flow in the meantime… consider it…

  6. Matt93111 says:

    John can you ask the Rumor Machine what John Dickson’s new business is?! You have completely piqued my interest!!

  7. Madison says:

    Any chance you are still interviewing? Santa Barbara native here who just moved home and LOVES your blog! Email me at madisonegold@gmail if so 🙂

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