Locavore Kitchen opened at 21 West Victoria Street in June 2018. I’m now hearing from readers that it is difficult to get a table there – and not because it’s crowded:

  • Reader Peter: “Hi John, Locavore kitchen was not open this evening.  Website seems to be dead and Yelp says it is closed.”
  • Reader Jim: “John, Have you heard anything about Locavore closing? I’ve been by there twice this week (Tuesday at 7 p.m. and Thursday at noon) and it was closed both times. Also, their phone just goes to voice mail. Please post anything you find out. Thanks. “
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  1. Alisa says:

    Sadly, when we ate there a few months ago, service was extremely disorganized & unprofessional. Little training appeared to have been done. Food was extremely mediocre deapite our wanting to like it. Im sorry, but not surprised if they are going out of biz.

    • SB1984 says:

      I too ate there a few months ago (when they were new) and it was a bit disorganized which can often be the case with newly opened restaurants…. I’ve also gone back several times since and found the service to be quite attentive. Love their food and hope they are going to remain open 🙁

  2. Sarah says:

    Ate there once and the food was quite good, but the service was terrible.

  3. Hefe says:

    On way to the public markert last night saw it was dark.

  4. G n K says:

    We had the best flat iron steak dinnner ever there a few months ago. Went there during Burger Week and enjoyed great sliders at Happy Hour. We want to get back and hope they turn the lights on again. Our experiences were good.

  5. Sara says:

    We ate there and wanted badly the place to do well. Waitstaff appeared not organized, prices high quality good.

    Lots of these places appear to come with bravado and PR smilies pieces in the local papers-but reality is a different thing.

  6. Will says:

    I ate there twice, was impressed by the menu and had the best burger I’ve ever had, on “burger week” no less. Very nice, experienced owner/chef. I hope it’s not a medical issue. A lot of work went in to making that place, and it has a shot at being better than the Nugget, which I thought was crappy. It seems nothing lasts long in that space. Makes me wonder if the rent is too high, or what.

  7. LizW says:

    Restaurant Ghosting. They just go dark. No call, text or graceful exit “we enjoyed serving our customers, etc…

  8. ...+ says:

    hate to see it close. thought it was all great tasting and original

  9. Chad Page says:

    … and the facebook page is down.

  10. Michelle says:

    What happened? Lots of freebie SB “news” rags report all these places with enthusiasm and rainbow talk. Then a few months or year later—-they’re gonzo.

    What happened?

  11. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

    This spot struggles as now it does not come with a full liquor license, only beer and wine. Back in the Ephinany days it was popular as a spot to drop in for a cocktail before heading to others spots nearby. It is a large space with a dedicated bar area; hard to survive cost wise when unless your food is so good you can pack the place every night.

  12. laurel says:

    what happened to you? I called the Independent a few days ago and got some mumble
    jumble about you not being there because of some vacation? you had one about 6
    months ago? I miss your column. Please return. ok?

  13. Jonathan says:

    The space is listed for sale by a business broker. Rent is $10,613 per month triple net.

    • debbie says:

      And this is exactly why they didn’t make it!
      You need to make 100K/month in sales from the day you open to be able to afford this rent or have really deep pockets! ( preferably both of course….).

  14. Sara M. says:

    YIKES! $10,613 per month and no govt restrictions/caps?! Unfettered us capitalism.

    The us hustle was alive and well and broken, empty, and soulless (Morris Berman). More closures to come. And we shoulds, we needs tos, somedays, and action plans amounting to…..a whole alotta nothing. Sad that mom and pops are closing and ‘giant’ chain -corporations are laughing themselves to the bank.

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