Reader John let me know that Giovanni’s Pizza at 1187 Coast Village Road in Montecito is not renewing their lease, possibly ending their tenancy in February. I called the restaurant and was told that they are planning to move and have not yet decided on a new location.

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  1. Cito Mama says:

    What needs to be known and made clear is Giovanni’s isn’t closing because it wants to or because it doesn’t get enough business.. Giovanni’s is a staple in Cito and needed in a big way. Since Peabodys has been closed Giovanni’s is the last family totally relaxed spot to eat in all of Cito. Its a fun spot for kids and is the usual pick for kids bday dinners. It’s the only place older kids can cruise to and eat on their own. Giovanni’s isn’t leaving because this little area doesn’t love it or need it. It’s only leaving because it has to because they are being pushed out like so many other loved locally owned businesses. New landlords doubled the rent and want to charge $2000 for them to use the patio in the front that they aren’t even given the option if they don’t want to use/pay for it. Giovanni’s has asked the landlord that remodel inside of the restaurant but they refused, they don’t even have a bathroom inside for them or their customers to use. Instead they share one with all the shops in the building, but still they expect doubt the rent!?!? Not only is it that Giovanni’s shouldn’t pay almost $15k a month for the spot they also cant afford it!!! This has to stop. This is not Orange County! This is not LA!! This little charming community is going down the drain and it needs to stop!

    • debbie says:

      You are absolutely correct!!!

      But this will not stop!
      Just like State Street!

      Too much wealth in the hands of way too few!

      No more mom and pop shops, restaurant or otherwise, can afford rents here!

  2. Sara M. says:

    Again–unfettered unergulated us -style capitalism. Look for more: we need tos, we shoulds, action plans, CONsultants, marching, and other nothing as SB is taken over by corporations. Sad that Givoannis is leaving, but heh, the hustle was the us.

  3. SY Foodie says:

    I believe the correct term is greed on the part of the landlord…sad

  4. Drew says:

    The family that owns Giovanni’s have always seemed like such nice people. I have eaten there since the early 90s and it’s been just as good, clean and friendly.

    I can’t blame just the landlord. If people want to keep places likes Gios in business, then they need to speak up when an entire block is being changed to cater to new and more expensive places. This entire building was “upgraded” and all those great mature trees removed with the idea that they would bring in “fancier” places.

    We have the luxury in our area of having voices that local govt DO hear unlike other places in our State. But we really don’t speak up when we have the chance. People don’t show up to meetings or insert themselves into a process as it’s happening and then we end up with this kind of thing.

  5. Joe says:

    Agree!! First bad omen was when the beautiful, mature pine tree was ripped out “because the pine needles were a hazard, blah, blah, blah,” but, oh well, as long as that “hazard” is gone, lets expand patio space we can rent…and let’s use insanely slippery-when-wet Home Depot cheap-ass flooring for the deck (better than falling due to pine needles).

    Ugh, so sad. Maybe a $50-per-burger joint will move in after Giovanni’s vacates.

  6. Cate Wilkins says:

    Coast Village Road isn’t in Montecito.
    It is within the City limits of Santa Barbara.

    Retail rents in Montecito are reasonable. Locally owned family business prevail there.
    (Tecolote bookstore, the wonderful Village Grocery and Gas station, the family owned Montecito Hardware, San Ysidro Pharmacy, Pierre LaFond, Tom’s coffee, Via Vai, Pain y Vino, Village Frame Shop, Honey, the florist, and more.)
    Parking and management of retail space is notably better.

    Montecito Village retail is a quaint small town treasure.
    It is simple, local and understated with unique and high quality offerings.
    There has been a great effort to keep it that way.

    Vendors on CVR could adopt a Summerland identity … for a better chance at lower rents.

    • The Restaurant Guy says:

      I call all of Coast Village Road “Montecito” for simplicity and to group regional restaurants together. Ditto with the bird refuge area, I also call Noleta “Goleta” for simplicity, even though it is not Santa Barbara or Goleta.

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