Readers sent me some comments about Frankland’s Crab & Co. , 1295 Coast Village Road in Montecito, which opened in April:

  • “Frankland’s is not closing. They are doing some more work on the kitchen
    and changing the seating design for the interior”
  • “Frankland’s Crab shack isn’t closed. They just papered windows while they do some improvements.”
  • “Hi John. Any scoop with what’s happening at Frankland’s in Montecito?   Looks like all wrapped up in paper as of yesterday?”
  • “Drove by Frankland’s  crab shack and it had paper on windows at noon. looks closed”
  • “I heard Frankland’s Crab Shack in Montecito is closing.”
  •  “Frankland’s Crab is Cito is covered in paper and appears to be kaput. Shortest lived restaurant  in history?”
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  1. Hefe says:

    There’s a sign on the door referenving HVAC issues and closed for maintenance. I have retail locations and never once did we paper the windows and close the doors when our systems went down . What i find interesting is their LA restaurants had great reviews with the exception of the crab company and that one closed as well. Itried it and it was not good. Best stick what you are good at which looks like the original LA location concept.

  2. Janet Colby says:

    We had dinner at the Monarch this past Sunday . The staff told us they are “ revamping “
    the Franklin concept . They want to Have a bar concept with snacks . I wasn’t thrilled with the price or quality of the crab shack but am thrilled with the food / service at the Monarch .

  3. Jennifer says:

    I tried it once and never went back…$20 for a sad little lobster sandwich with teeny pieces of lobster just wasn’t worth it.

  4. Laurie says:

    Hoping it will be like the comfortable little bar in the previous iteration – great drinks and bites from the restaurant. Had my first blue-cheese stuffed martini olive there – fond memory!

  5. Mike says:

    We were at Monarch last night and were told by staff that Monarch may start closing at 10:00 and that the Franklin concept would be to focus more on stiff drinks like Joe’s and to stay open late, perhaps midnight. I gathered that the crab theme may also disappear.

  6. Sara says:

    Horrible the seafood place and overpriced.

    . Why do Californians try to mimic New England seafood??? They’re awful at it. Stick to Ca food please.

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