Readers Ray, Primetime, Sharon, and Vickie let me know that Sly’s restaurant at 686 Linden Avenue in Carpinteria is closing. Here is a message to The Restaurant Guy readers: “Sly’s has its ten year anniversary this week on Wednesday. Sadly, following that we will be closing on or about September 23rd. Seems like a good time for Annie and I to retire. We are both grateful for having our restaurant for 10 terrific years, for the support of Carpinteria and the wonderful Santa Barbara area community, and the help of our skillful and dedicated staff who helped so much in making all this possible. It’s been fun for both of us making great food, and hosting our wonderful clients. We’ve appreciated the support of our purveyors and the terrific Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market purveyors. Again, thanks to all. James and Annie Sly”

Here are some reader comments: “Say it ain’t so!”, “Oh my goodness! I hope that what happens next is a beautiful adventure and that we can still be a part of it.”, “Congratulations on the journey. Thank you.”, “My heart is broken. Thank you for wonderful times with family!!”, “Thank you for the great food and service, and of course the memories”, “Sly’s is truly part of our family culture. We will miss you all!”, and “Thank you for all the special times my family and I have had the last 10 years at Sly’s. U will truly be missed.”

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  1. Tom Ambrose says:

    Annie & Jim, Come on up the SYV and grace us with your presence… We will love You, Cooking or Not…

  2. ted mills says:

    I may have heard incorrectly, but the move is in part because an L.A. restauranteur (the person behind I think) bought the entire property and wants to do his own thing with the space. So Sly and Annie are using the opportunity to retire.

  3. Craig Revell says:

    Thanks to James and Annie for a great run. Will miss serving your food to our regulars. Thanks to the regulars for coming back again and again. It’s been a rewarding journey!

  4. debbie says:

    This is really sad news.
    We had lots of fantastic meals at Sly’s over the years.
    Always good, fresh and perfectly prepared delicious food and great service!

    Thank you for being our home away from home and always welcoming us like family!


  5. Craig Revell says:

    Thanks to James and Annie for a great restaurant! It has been rewarding to serve your delicious food and a pleasure to get to know you over the years. Thanks to the regulars for coming back so consistently. Slys has been home away from home. I will miss seeing everybody on a basis. Come and get it while you can- we have another few weeks left!

  6. Scott Wood says:

    Say it’s not so!!! Is there anything we can do to keep the incredible legend from closing the doors? Dover Sover Sole and the Turtle Sundae’s must continue!!!

  7. Kim Pananides says:

    James and Annie, we’ll simply second the wish someone else posted: hope to see you in the SYV soon and often, and confirm that your very fine restaurant will be greatly missed (your fabulous weekend brunch, especially!) May your retirement be ever so restorative and delightful, full of divine meals and intriguing travels. If you ever plan another European river cruise for a group, please let us know; we’re still so disappointed that we haven’t been on one of your amazing trips. And the valley could always benefit from your excellent hospitality and delicious cuisine, so if the restaurant bug ever bites…

    Best of the best to both of you,
    Kim and Dean Pananides

  8. Kim Pananides says:

    * …if the restaurant bug ever bites AGAIN, that is!

  9. Steve Cera says:

    I have also heard rumors that this property has been bought by an LA restaurant owner.

    Good luck to them because nobody from outside Carp or SB really ever truly understands what makes this area tick, particularly in the off-season.

    Having said that, I did like Sly’s well enough. But I felt like the owners’ friendly presence was more appealing than the actual food. The portions were too small for the price. I once got ravioli that had three pieces (for reference, each was about the size of half a credit card and I thought it was a joke. I was embarrassed to bring it up with the server but I never went back after that.)

  10. debbie says:

    Yes, some portions can be a bit small sometimes, but it’s always top quality, from scratch made deliciousness….

  11. debbie says:

    If you go you should have James’s amazing Gumbo.
    Steaks are fantastic too…
    …. or just a Burger!
    you won’t regret it!

  12. Glenn Mellinger says:

    Oh no! You are our go to place in Carp… sad…

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