I spoke with owner Ken Boxer who confirmed that Palazzio will not be reopening at 1026 State Street, which closed in 2015 after renovations revealed problems in the kitchen that sidelined the restaurant indefinitely. Boxer says that he would love to reopen the popular eatery elsewhere some day.

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7 Responses to PALAZZIO UPDATE

  1. ted mills says:

    How much money is he hemorrhaging with the place shut down like that? Or does he keep just writing it off on taxes? Is it some kind of sunk-cost scenario?

  2. Chaz says:

    How long ago did his location on Coast Village Road open and close?

  3. Greg O. says:

    What a State Street fiasco! Can the regulations and bureaucratic hoops be so impossible that I’m going to be denied garlic rolls until 2020 or beyond? Less time on banning public straws, more time on helping businesses succeed downtown!

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