Reader Peter let me know that Caffe Luxxe and Merci To Go will be sharing the space at 1028 Coast Village Road in Montecito, the former home of Xanadu French Bakery and next to Vons. Caffe Luxxe was established to bring a unique luxury to coffee and a culinary experience, championing a move towards hand crafted artisanal espresso and brewed coffee. “Our commitment to serving great coffee begins thousands of miles away at the farms where the beans are grown, where we strive for full transparency of sustainable practices,” says co-owner Mark Wain. ‘Our philosophy on roasting guides our hands, as we roast coffee to focus on the classic characteristic flavors unique to each country to bring out the depth and complexity they have to offer.”

Merci To Go is a boutique artisanal cafe created by pastry chef Elizabeth Colling. She has partnered with chef Joe Hafner to cultivate the expansion of Merci To Go. Colling earned her degree at the Ritz Escoffier in Paris before working at Spago Beverly Hills and becoming the pastry chef at Bastide. Colling was also a Food Editor of Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings magazines, where she developed and styled desserts for both publications. Hafner is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and a private chef. He also cooked extensively in kitchens across France and California. Merci To Go is primarily an organic homemade food shop in Montecito with lunch, dinner and desserts that are easy to take on the go.

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  1. ARG says:

    Can’t wait for this place to be open! I personally know Joe Hafner very well, and he’s one of the kindest people i’ve met, and admire his talent in the culinary industry. This will be an amazing space.

  2. Janet C says:

    I’m so thrilled that Merci to Go is coming back and even better than ever !!!!!!

  3. Michelle E. says:

    Is this still happening? I walked past the other day and the business licenses posted in the window were down and there’s no activity or anything different going on in that space.

    I hope it’s not a another derailed project. It would be great to have something in that space after all this time!

  4. Sara says:

    Likely all the govt bureaucracy and compliance industries holding them up.

    • Steve Cera says:

      Not really. I mean, what do you mean by compliance industries?

      Licensing and local ordinances for restaurants are a lot different than building ordinances.

      This space has been touted as about seven different incarnations in the past four years. It seems knee jerk and short sighted to blame this on some vague
      “compliance” issue. Unless you have specific information?

  5. Greta Teren says:

    What is happening at. Von’s with Cafe Luxxe? Nobody is there, no work is being done , etc

    And what about Bettina ? Will it ever open ?

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