Two questions:

  1. Who owned The Epicurian restaurant on Carrillo St. back in the late 80’s? (and/or who was the chef?)
  2. There was a northern Italian restaurant on, I believe, lower Bath St (on the south side of the tracks) back in the 90’s – do you remember what the name of it was?

– Karen

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  1. Laura says: What a gem of a column and comments this was! Trip down memory lane for sure!

  2. B.L.F says:

    Owner and chef was Scott Hogue (I think that was his name)…great food!

  3. Karl says:

    Hi Karen.
    Sorry I don’t have the answers to your questions. However, I found this online, which contains a pretty cool comprehensive list of SB area restaurants, most no longer with us. There are a couple of restaurants listed in the area of which you are referring to. It looks like it may have been published June 1981? John might find this interesting as well? I thought it was cool anyway. Enjoy!

  4. Peter says:

    Scott Hogue owned the Epicurean on Carrillo Street and I believe he was the chef as well.

    The Italian restaurant was “La Campanina” (so?) owned by Amadeo & Latitia Greco.

    • Karen says:

      Thank you!!! Exactly the information I was looking for. Did Scott Hogue go on to open something else? And, do you remember why La Campanina closed?

      • jacky winter says:

        Scott Hogue went on to become a florist and owned S.R. Hogue in Montecito…which is now co-owned by Jerry Peddicord and Christy Meland.

      • Art says:

        Before la Campinina that building had a place called Ruth and Rogers

        • Karen says:

          Wow…..that I don’t remember at all! What kind of restaurant was it?

          • Rex Of SB says:

            Ruth and Roger’s was a smallish restaurant that specialized in basic Midwestern-style American food. Everything was homemade and the prices were reasonable. My own impression was that the food bordered on bland and there was never anything particularly exciting on the menu. Until its mention on this thread, I’d actually forgotten that R&R’s even existed.

    • Amanda Frost says:

      I think the name was La Cappanina. After it closed Amadeo cooked in various places (a restaurant in the small mall at State and LaCumbre, Trattoria Vittoria, the old Italian place with the bocci court on the corner of ?Cota and ?Olive, and ?Max’s) until, I presume, he retired. We have missed his food in recent years.

  5. Matt says:

    That is an awesome find! Thanks for sharing that link. What a lot of memories that brings back, even if I was a kid at the time and didn’t eat at most of those places! : )

  6. Art says:

    Anyone care to venture what year this was? My guess was 1975

  7. Jim says:

    It says as Karl stated, right on there revised 6-81.

  8. Doug Smith says:

    According to the history of Santa Barbara Restaurants, the “Epicurean Catering Company” was opened in 1977. My wife and I ate there many times and got to know Scott a bit – the food was incredible. We first met him when he was associated with Gervasoni’s on State St. Scott passed in January this year. Here is the link to his obit:

    RIP Skitchy

  9. It’s been 35 years since Master Chef Norbert Schulz and his long-time business partner, Brigitte Guehr, first opened a restaurant in Santa Barbara called Norbert’s at Bath and Montecito St.
    They now own the Nook at the Waterline complex.

  10. I think at one point it was called Allegro serving Nothern Italian food.

  11. Art says:

    It is missing many establishment of 1981 so might venture these resaurants were members of the chamber of commerce .

  12. Hefe says:

    Fantastic! I worked at Michael Anthonys Pizzeria in the early 80’s and there was a short lived place called Jaxx next to Azuma and I believe a place called Red’s that had a model train up on the wall. That building burned down under suspicious (rumored)circumstances and is now the law office building up from the Chase.

  13. Randy C. Anderson-Peirce says:

    Christopher’s was a northern Italian restaurant at 302 W. Montecito Street sometime prior to 1979. I had gnocchi and pesto there for the first time ever and it was delicious! We were there because my husband worked as a reporter at KEYT-3 and the accountant’s brother (I believe) had opened the restaurant.

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