Reader Peter passed the word that Bettina is coming to the Montecito Country Mart (called Vons Montecito Shopping Center when I was growing up nearby) in the space occupied decades ago by a restaurant named Fred C. Dobbs.  Bettina is a brick and mortar location for the mobile pizza oven service Autostrada Wood Fired Pizzeria. It will be an all-day, full service restaurant serving beer, wine and cocktails. Here is a description of the service from Autostrada’s web site:

“Rachel Greenspan and Brendan Smith are on a mission to bring the finest pizza and naturally leavened breads to Santa Barbara County. They spend their days nerding out at farmers markets and hand-pulling mozzarella cheese. Although they’re obsessed with ingredients, you don’t need to know the difference between pecorino and parmesan to enjoy Autostrada’s food— they’re devoted to honest, everyday cooking that is approachable and easy to love. Autostrada is currently available to cater events anywhere in California. They will bring their trusty mobile pizza oven and customize a menu to suit parties of any size, price point, and occasion. The team is also preparing to open their first brick and mortar location in the Montecito Country Mart.”

Bettina hopes to open this September. For updates on the restaurant opening, sign up for the newsletter at

Construction at Bettina Pizzeria in Montecito

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  1. Jim says:

    Glad they spend their days ” nerding out ) as the East Santa Barbara Strip Mall was woefully short of “geek” restaurants.

  2. Nicole says:

    We got to sample the pizza at an event and it was excellent. Very nice owners too. I’m sure they will do well.

  3. Sara N. says:

    good news–hopefully much better than the other “pizza” places in town. Most of it is too filling, poor quality, and gives us much flatulence from the glutens. 93108 strong.

  4. Bettina Gardner says:

    Interesting name! How did you come up with that?
    I thought there was only one in the county.

  5. Susan Green says:

    waiting for it to open (Bettina)