Tyler Beerman, the brewmaster and manager at Conscious Kombucha, the maker of sweetened fermented teas, has created a new local business: the Mexican restaurant Vegan Green GO which opened recently at 3613 State Street, the former home of Miso Hungry and Subway which is between Baskin Robbins and Rudy’s.

Beerman tells me that he has been vegan for only a year and has created a vegan fast-casual health-conscious Mexican food place that could appeal to carnivores: “This was inspired by street food from Los Angeles,” says Beerman. “There were vegan food trucks that were serving authentic Mexican food, street style. I looked for suppliers that offered faux meat – it looks like meat but is plant based. I tried to make it work couldn’t find anything that brought something unique to the table so everything is made from scratch in-house. We created all our own recipes and use fresh herbs and spices. My goal is to make this our first or the only vegan non-GMO and organic restaurant. The idea here is street-inspired food and health-conscious Mexican food, kind of fusing the two.”

On the main menu Vegan Green GO offers burritos, tacos, nachos or a bowl ranging in price from $11 to $15. You choose your carbs (Mexican rice with refried beans or potatoes with bell peppers-) and your protein (carne asada, chicken, chorizo, al pastor, and barbacoa), again using house-made faux meat. A variety of fixings and extras are available. Call 805-318-3161.

Vegan Green Go owner Tyler Beerman

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  1. Cyndie says:

    I love Vegan Green Go!!! It is sooooo good!! Thank you for bringing this to Santa Barbara!! So fresh and healthy!!

  2. Brandon from Goleta says:

    Good luck. I’m a carnivore that tries to eat a vegetarian dinner once or twice a week, but considering how cheap potatoes, beans, grains and soy are, this $11-15 price point might present a problem as a fast casual looking setup. Who knows, but a meatless $11+ burrito better be pretty damned good and even then it’s going to be an uphill battle.

    Hope they find a market.

  3. last week i eat my frist vegan food in tghis place, im from mexico, and now i love the vegan food, thanks guys! excelent service

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