The 805 Deli at 135 East Carrillo Street closed in early January of this year with a sign that said they would reopen February 1st – then never did. Readers Mike and Jose just sent me an update:

Hi John…new sign painted on the 805 deli at Carrillo and Santa Barbara Street. Now says The 805 Hazy and Deli. –  Mike

805 Deli restarted its renovation last week, first time since January. It will now be called ‘805 Hazy and Deli.’ However, as of today, 06/12/18, there was a big red city notice on the door telling them to stop all work. Must not have permits. –  Jose M

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4 Responses to THE 805 DELI UPDATE

  1. sbmizzou says:

    A week ago, the sign said it was going to be open by June 16. I talked to the owner. A nice guy and seemed really excited. He has a bar/resturant down in Camarrillo. He said it will be a local deli in the morning and early afternoon, and then in the afternoon more of a bar scene with TV’s, barstools, etc. It should be e nice addition to the area. Nothing to different than what is there.

  2. Jim says:

    They also had a sign referring one to their other business Victoria Market. I tried the guacamole there and it was just shy of the habanero salsa at Los Arroyos.

  3. Jamie says:

    What does the reference “Hazy” mean?

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