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  1. Jim says:

    Agree, and he was just here less than a month ago. What could have driven hanging himself in the midst of filming an upcoming show. A great talent lost.

  2. christine! says:

    Anthony Bourdain to me, and most likely to many others, seemed like a friend. I am sad & mad, my heart breaks for his ex wife and daughter. <3

  3. Baseball guy says:

    Love his episode at, and with, Paul Bocuse and Daniel Boulud. Can be found on web/youtube. Had the very same meal (sans the rabbit) on our honeymoon in 1975 (Foie Gras, Sea Bass stuffed in Puff Pastry Shell, Choron sauce and the Bresse Chicken Truffled cooked in a Bladder ‘à la Mère Fillioux’), met Paul; and again celebrating our 40th anniversary. {} Had our picture taken that time w Mrs Bocuse. They made us a special desert, a waiter came to our table and played their signature standing mechanical pipe organ, and they sang to us. Since that episode, I think of Anthony very time I think our those two wonderful experiences. I will miss Tony greatly!

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