Last fall we reported that Mattei’s Tavern Restaurant, built in 1886 as a stage coach stop by Felix Mattei, has been purchased by Brian and Shamra Strange, with the restaurant leased by Chef Maili Halme which opened in December. Last week Halme posted this on Instagram:

“My 50th birthday is in June. These past six months at the restaurant have been the ultimate birthday celebration. Friends and family from all over the country have come to visit me and every night has felt like a party. My last day at the restaurant will be June 3 and we will open early at noon for our traditional Fried Chicken Sunday Dinner. We will also be open at 11 a.m. on Mother’s Day. Please be sure to use any gift certificates you may have purchased or received before June 3. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to fulfill my dream and I look forward to returning to other pursuits. The future of the restaurant is in the hands of the Strange family and they have asked the community to stay tuned for their upcoming plans.”

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  1. christine! says:


    Word directly from the Chef – she was presented with a $58,000 property tax bill and given 10 days to come up with the payment. She had no choice but to agree to exit the property, giving her until June 5th to wrap up her successful start. They had the nerve to inquire about getting her pizza recipe for an upcoming “pop-up” wine event they have planned for the Strange Family Vineyards.

    I sure hope these folks know the former owner of Mattei’s sits rotting in prison- not the best legacy to have to top

  2. Fay says:

    Man, I need to do the fried chicken night before it goes away!

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