I ran into a couple of friendly folks recently that had each closed down local restaurants in the recent past.

  • Donna Mudge ran Sojourner Cafe at 134 East Canon Perdido Street for decades. While dining at Cold Spring Tavern recently I ran into Mudge and discovered that she became their manager about a year or two ago. Fans of the Soj should definitely head for the hills to say Hi.
  • While shopping at Home Depot last week I bumped into Grant McNaughton in the gardening section with his son. The always-colorful “Mac” is famous for running Mac’s Fish & Chip Shop at 503 State Street from 2010 – 2016. Mac is now an 8th grade algebra teacher at Marymount School of Santa Barbara.
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8 Responses to WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

  1. SY Foodie says:

    Excellent reporting John… however, one wonders how Grant aka Mac can teach algebra when, as an Evertonian, he can barely speak English…! Check with him for translation…

    Word from the Santa Ynez Valley is that the wildly popular Bob’s Well Bread in Los Alamos will be opening a second location in Ballard in the vacant building opposite the Ballard Inn…

  2. Hefe says:

    Math is the universal language.

  3. Mac says:

    If SY Foodie left town at 3:30pm on a train traveling at an average speed of 67mph…would Liverpool ever win the Premier League again? Nope. COYB! Hugs & Love, Mac x

    • Rex Of SB says:

      Mac: You, your lovely wife (go, Essex!) and your wonderful fish & chips are very much missed. That said, I can’t think of a more appropriate field you could go into than teaching. Math can be fun. Now you can demonstrate how to make shepherd’s pi.

  4. Fran says:

    So pleased to have news of Donna. Although we live in Los Angeles, we always had a dinner at the Sojourner every time we visited Santa Barbara and watched the restaurant grow over the years. We miss the crispy tofu with horseradish sauce! Thank you Donna for many good meals and memories.

  5. Drew Woodall says:

    I too will miss Soujourner….although I moved to Northern California many moons ago, I have such fond memories of “Soj”

    Best regards to Donna Mudge.

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