This just in from reader Mary: “The Arcada Bistro space was recently leased by Brendan Searls, formerly with Dargans and Brendans Irish Pub, and currently with Viva Modern Mexican. He’ll be opening an upscale Italian concept of his Pizza Mizza eatery, called ‘Mizza.’ Coming Soon signs are posted in the windows.”

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4 Responses to LA ARCADA UPDATE

  1. Foodie Dan says:

    If all else fails,,,go with Pizza…

  2. Chad Page says:

    I guess *non-*upscale food was a bit much to ask for around there… seriously isn’t there enough upscale Pizza already?

    • sbmizzou says:

      Pizza Mizza actually has quite a few options on their menu that are non-pizza. I actually never tried them as I always get pizza. I suspect he wants to put less of a focus on pizza and focus on his non-pizza items. For non-Upscale pizza, there is always Gino’s Pizza around the corner.

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