The windows are partially papered over at the former home of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, 7060 Hollister Avenue, in Goleta, and I peeked inside to see if there is any new construction for a future business. Verdict: Goleta Dickey’s is mostly still there but in suspended animation.

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  1. Rex Of SB says:

    That whole Dickey’s fiasco just kills me. They had very nice barbecue but wouldn’t offer regular specials until it was far too late. Dickey’s came into the South County with the attitude, “this is Santa Barbara and everyone has lots of money, so it’s not necessary to do any price adjustment.” One of the Dickey’s managers actually told me this. And the prices WERE very high, particularly the side dishes.

    While Dickey’s wasn’t exactly gourmet, it WAS—for the very brief time it was in Goleta—the best barbecue in our area.

    Let’s hope that the new Chicken in a Barrel will rise to the barbecue challenge.

  2. Hefe says:

    They probably set prices commensurate with costs. I’m sure rent and opening costs were sky high. Lose money either way.

  3. Rich says:

    They had a liquidation sale earlier this month to sell off the kitchen equipment – you can see from the picture it looks like the big items from the kitchen have been cleared out.

  4. Josh says:

    Dickeys was terrible. Just because we have no good BBQ places in SB doesn’t mean that a D+ joint was “good BBQ” The boil in a bag sides were AWFUL. If, wait check that, WHEN I win the lottery, I will get a few of my southern buddies on board and open up a REAL BBQ joint to finally rid us of the long nightmare that we are in 🙂

  5. Ray says:

    FWIW after waiting for 30 years for decent Santa Barbara BBQ I am moving to Boerne Texas. It is a small Hill Country town in the heart of BBQ country. I will remember Rex and the rest of you several times a week. 🙂

  6. Hefe says:

    Best brisket I’ve ever had was La Barbarque in Austin. They ship a whole brisket feed 15 for $180.
    Also order their sauce and both Lazy Acres and Whole Foods both have good brisket and with this sauce soooo good!

  7. Tony mastres says:

    Heck, if Aaron Franklin opened up a Franklin BBQ in Goleta, the same people would grouse about it not being this or that! That’s the problem with trying to open a BBQ
    Place anywhere around here. Everybody has their own Ide of what’s best. And, of course,anything other than that is just carp

  8. Whirl says:

    Has Rex or anyone tried Neighbor Tim’s BBQ truck?
    5 stars and 51 reviews on Yelp.

  9. Hefe says:

    Agree with you Tony.

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