Reader Rocky sent me this message last Saturday night: “John, There is a Change of Ownership notice in the window of Blue Owl [at 5 West Canon Perdido Street]. The person taking orders said she was told not to comment. Do you know what Cindy, the original owner, plans to do?” As luck would have it I was about 100 feet away from Blue Owl when I received Rocky’s message so I thought I would give my investigative chops a try. The line at Blue Owl was out the door and as luck would have it a nice young lady came out and offered me a menu. I asked her for the scoop and she delivered. The employee said that Blue Owl has been sold but nothing at all will change. She said that owner Cindy Black will be trying something new and that I should keep an eye out for it.

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3 Responses to BLUE OWL UPDATE

  1. Dugan says:

    A French couple bought the place.
    But they’re not here yet so not clear what the near (or not so near) future holds for the place.

  2. Laxer says:

    This is the last weekend (4/28) for Blue Owl under Cindy’s ownership. I remember when she opened her spot as a pop-up at Zen Yai late night years ago. The new ownership will keep everything the same but will be adding coffee and pastries. Cindy will be opening up a vegan pop-up called Gorilla Rice that will be open 3x per week.

  3. Jackie Chan says:

    Please don`t change the menu, thank you

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