This just in from reader Steve H.: “The venerable dive bar, The Sportsman, is closed, and its iconic neon sign is gone. Rumor has it that a steakhouse will take its place.” I called the venue and the phone number is disconnected.

In May 2017 many readers emailed me to let me know that Sportsman Lounge LLC posted a public notice of application to sell alcoholic beverages at 1226 State Street (next to the Granada), in the spot formerly occupied by Ultimate Bagels, Coffee Bean, and Santa Barbara Sandwich Company. I don’t know if that plan is still in the works.

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  1. Rex Of SB says:

    Truly the end of an era…

  2. BRS says:

    I would agree, especially after Mel’s was placed in the witness relocation program and moved too far away for a good bar crawl. I wonder how the owners of the Sportsman are doing with their new place where the Hungry Cat used to be.

  3. Sam Tababa says:

    You can move the Sporty, but you can never replace the Sporty. The nicotine stained walls, the deep stench of puke and stale beer, the character and the characters…. Alas a shiny new place will take decades to wear to the patina of the old but the characters, they’ll be there minus the smoke…

    End of an era is right…

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