Reader Cris let me know that Thai dessert shop Choppa Ice Cream opened on March 31 in Hollister Village Plaza at 7060 Hollister Avenue in Goleta next to Pickles and Swiss. Thai-style rolled ice cream, a new type of ice cream that started in Southeast Asia and is spreading in the United States. Some people call it “Thai stir-fried ice cream” because it looks like it is made on a hot grill, in the same way people cook meat and vegetables but the grill used for making the treat is actually extremely cold.

A liquid base is poured on to the freeze platter in front of you and “chefs” add your flavors, things like cookies, candy, mango, and more, into the ice cream mixture. Then, the ice cream begins to freeze. Next, the chef spreads it in a thin layer over the cold surface. After a few seconds, the chef uses a tool to scrape the ice cream off the cold surface and turn it into a roll. The rolls are then put in a cup and covered with your choice of a dozen toppings.

Price is $6.99 per serving plus tax. Choose one of 10 different flavors and 3 toppings which are switched out daily including peanuts, M&Ms, peanuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, and more. Call 845-5229.

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  1. Bob says:

    Expect to wait a long time. On a not-super-busy day it takes about 20 minutes to get your dessert, on busy days it can take more than an hour. This is because it takes so long to hand create each order. Your are limited to 10 flavors and, at $7 per serving, this one of the most expensive options in town. The odd thing is that Choppa Ice Cream does not taste like ice cream. You cannot taste the cream. It tasted like sweet ice with the faintest hint of cream. There is a satisfying creamy experience you normally have when eating regular ice cream, that was oddly missing here. I don’t know if they should even call it ice cream. I for sure won’t return but hopefully there are enough people who love this product to keep them going.

  2. David says:

    I went here last week after lunch and the wait was about 20 minutes, which I think is pretty long. You have to really crave this style of ice cream and be looking for a leisurely dessert outing instead of quick fast food ice cream run. There were about eight flavors and they were all really interesting sounding. They definitely had an Asian flair (not surprising given the ownership and the origins of rolled ice cream). If you are the kind of person that needs 31 flavors, maybe this place isn’t for you. The ice cream – it really IS ice cream – is made right in front of you. Can see them pouring CREAM onto the frozen surface and mixing it up with the fruit/mixin’s you choose. I am not sure what else you would call it besides ice cream.

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