Reader Annie let me know that The Vineyard House Restaurant at 3631 Sagunto Street in Santa Ynez closed on March 10th.

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  1. christine! says:

    The Simas Corporation, owners of The Santa Ynez Inn is planning a remodel/update of the existing structure and hopes to have something in place in a year or so.
    The operators of the Vineyard House left the property after a large gathering of locals and regulars- always a good thing to have your friends to wish you well on your retirement!
    The Coach House will continue to host weddings and other upscale gatherings all summer long- with some small improvements planned alongside the renovations at the Vineyard House property.
    Sadly the owners of the Vineyard House took every opportunity to create a story about their leaving the property- making it seem like Simas was a villain. No one was kicked out, no one wanted to purchase their recipes and continue the restaurant- and they are now free to re-open anywhere in the Valley should they desire to….

    • jim says:

      Just so you know, no one puts 20 years of their life into a business to walk away with nothing at the end.. The Vineyard House was never offered a new lease of any kind – there was no story created by the restaurant owners as you say- Sima wanted the property back and now it sits empty- they haven’t a clue…end of story

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