Reader Bill says that the former home of Petrini’s at 5711 Calle Real in Goleta might be the future home of Chicken in a Barrel BBQ. In 2016 reader Nancy spotted a sign for Chicken In A Barrel BBQ, coming to 310 South Fairview Avenue which is a few doors down from Hollister on the ocean side, next to Orient Laundry. That sign has since disappeared and Chicken in a Barrel BBQ no longer plans to open in Old Town Goleta.

With about 35 years experience in this cooking style, owner and founder of Chicken In A Barrel BBQ, Mike Pierce, started this establishment in 2010 on the island of Kauai where he has 2 locations (in Hanalei and Kapaa). “The main thing that makes it unique is the way we barbeque our meat,” says Pierce. “It’s not grilled. It’s not smoked. It’s done in a 55-gallon drum. We call it hook’em & hang’em. We cook our chicken, roasts, beef, pork, buffalo, and our ribs while hanging them at the top of the barrel so that the heat is about 3 feet away from the meat. When those juices from the beef, and the pork, and the buffalo hit those coals it comes up in a steam and it literally steams the meat in its own juices. We have our own very unique rubs we make out of all our own herbs and spices. The main thing that makes us more unique than anything else is the love that we put in to it.”

A sign on South Fairview Avenue posted in 2016 that has since been taken down.

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  1. Jon says:

    Too Bad they are not doing it in old town with outdoor seating, much more like the Kauai locations. But will be great anyways. Wish them luck !!

  2. Cris says:

    The company confirmed this rumor is true via Facebook message.

  3. Kerry White says:

    their neighbor told me that the petrinis space will be split

  4. Brendan says:

    There is now a “Chicken in a Barrel BBQ” banner on the front of the space.

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